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Architectural History

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Twentieth Century Architecture

By Jonathan Glancey


By Rolf C. Wirtz

Stories from Architecture: Behind the Lines at Drawing Matter

By Philippa Lewis, Adrian Forty


By David I Harvie

Ancient Angkor

By Claude Jacques, Michael Freeman


By John Summerson

Places of Worship by Sir Christopher Wren, Joze Plecnik and Tadao Ando: St.Paul's Cathedral, London, 1675-1710, Church of the Sacred Heart, Prague, 1933, Church on the Water, Hokkaido, 1988 and Chu...

By Vaughan Hart, James Russell, Ivan Margolius, Philip Drew

The Architecture of Hope: Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres

By Charles Jencks

Ottoman Turkey

By Godfrey Goodwin

On a Grander Scale: The Outstanding Career of Sir Christopher Wren

By Lisa Jardine

Superstructures: The World's Greatest Modern Structures

By Neil Parkyn

Heaven on Earth: The Lives and Legacies of the World's Greatest Cathedrals

By Emma J. Wells

World Wonders: Discover the secrets of our planet's iconic structures

By Michal Gaszynski, Collins Books

An Illustrated Guide to Furniture History

By Joclyn M. Oats

Venice: Hidden Splendours

By Cesare M. Cunaccia, Mark E. Smith

Guiding Lights: The Design and Development of the British Lightship from 1732

By Anthony Lane

Contemporary British Architects

By Robert Maxwell, Peter Murray

Canterbury Cathedral

By Jonathan Keates

The Regency Country House: From the Archives of "Country Life"

By John Martin Robinson

Sir John Vanbrugh and Landscape Architecture in Baroque England, 1690-1730

By Christopher Ridgway, Robert Williams, Kerry Downes (University of Reading)

Raum, Zeit, Architektur: Die Entstehung Einer Neuen Tradition

By Sigfried Giedion

Baustilkunde : das große Standardwerk zur europäischen Baukunst von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart.

The Story of Western Architecture

By Bill Risebero

Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture

By Dan Cruickshank, Sir Banister Fletcher, Andrew Saint, Kenneth Frampton, Peter Blundell Jones

Brunelleschi's Dome: The Story of the Great Cathedral in Florence

By Ross King

Hawksmoor's London Churches: Architecture and Theology

By Pierre De La Ruffiniere Du Prey

The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture

By Meaghan Kombol

Towards Universality: Le Corbusier, Mies and De Stijl

By Richard Padovan

The Transformation of Islamic Art during the Sunni Revival

By Yasser Tabbaa

Writing Signs: The Fatimid Public Text

By Irene A. Bierman