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How To Survive Modern Art

By Susie Hodge

The History of British Art: 1600 - 1870: 2

By David Bindman

Art and the Moving Image: A Critical Reader

By Tanya Leighton, Charles Esche

Wassily Kandinsky: The Path to Abstraction

By Fischer, Hartwig, Rainbird, Sean

Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era

By Grunenberg, Christoph

Turner Whistler Monet

By Katherine Lochnan, Katherine A. Lochnan

Constantin Brancusi : The Essence of Things

By Carmen Giménez, Matthew Gale, Matthew Gale, Carmen Giménez

Music While Drowning

By Miller, D

Turner & Venice

By Ian Warrell, Ian Warrell


By Sean Rainbird, Sean Rainbird


By Michael Rosenthal, Michael Rosenthal, Martin Myrone

Matisse Picasso

By Baldassari, Anne, Cowling, Elizabeth, Elderfield, John, Monod-Fontaine, Isabelle, Varnedoe, Kirk, Varnedoe, Kirk

Surrealist Love Poems

By Mary Ann Caws, Mary Ann Caws

Stanley Spencer: Letters and Writings

By Adrian Glew

Century City: Art and Culture in the Modern Metropolis (Art Catalogue)

By Iwona Ed Blazwick, Iwona Blazwick, Liam Gillick, Henry Bond

J.M.W. Turner (British Artists series)

By Sam Smiles

Moving Targets 2: A User's Guide to British Art Now

By Louisa Buck

William Blake

By Butler, MARILYN, Ackroyd, Peter, Hamlyn, Robin, Philips, Michael

Patrick Heron

By Mcnay, Michael

William Blake's Illuminated Books: The Continental Prophecies: America, Europe, the Song of Los Vol 4 (William Blake's illuminated books (collected edition))

By Blake, WILLIAM, Doerrbecker, Detlef W., Blake, WILLIAM

Bonnard Colour & Light

By Watkins, Nicholas


By Kilmurray, Elaine, Ormond, Richard, Elaine Kilmurray, Richard Ormond

Mondrian, Nature to Abstraction: From the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague

By Riley, Bridget, Rainbird, Sean

Alfred Wallis (St Ives Artists series)

By Matthew Gale

Interpreting Cezanne

By Smith, Paul

James NcNeill Whistler

By Dorment, Richard, Macdonald, Margaret F.


By Morphet, Richard, Wollheim, Richard

Stanley Spencer: A Sort of Heaven

By Nesbitt, Judith

Constable: Pictures from the Exhibition

By Parris, Leslie

Tate Gallery: An Illustrated Companion (2nd Edition)

By Wilson, Simon