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Intelligent Algorithms in Ambient and Biomedical Computing: 7 (Philips Research Book Series, 7)

By Verhaegh, Wim, Aarts, Émile, Korst, Jan

Genres on the Web: Computational Models and Empirical Studies: 42 (Text, Speech and Language Technology, 42)

By Mehler, Alexander, Sharoff, Serge, Santini, Marina

Pinning Control of Complex Networked Systems: Synchronization, Consensus and Flocking of Networked Systems via Pinning

By Su, Housheng, Wang, Xiaofan

Flow, Gesture, and Spaces in Free Jazz: Towards a Theory of Collaboration (Computational Music Science)

By Mazzola, Guerino, Cherlin, Paul B., Rissi, Mathias, Kennedy, Nathan

Image Processing Using Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks

By Lindblad, Thomas, Kinser, Jason M.

Handbook of Group Decision and Negotiation: 4 (Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation, 4)

By Kilgour, D. Marc, Eden, Colin

Automatic Calibration and Reconstruction for Active Vision Systems: 57 (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, 57)

By Zhang, Beiwei, Li, Y. F.

Syntax-Based Collocation Extraction: 44 (Text, Speech and Language Technology, 44)

By Seretan, Violeta

Visual Texture: Accurate Material Appearance Measurement, Representation and Modeling (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)

By Haindl, Michal, Filip, Jiri

Robot Intelligence: An Advanced Knowledge Processing Approach (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing)

By Liu, Honghai, Gu, Dongbing, Howlett, Robert J., Yonghuai

Computational Methods in Biometric Authentication: Statistical Methods for Performance Evaluation (Information Science and Statistics)

By Schuckers, Michael E.

Dynamics of Parallel Robots (Parallel Robots: Theory and Applications)

By Staicu, Stefan

Many-Electron Approaches in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics: A Multidisciplinary View (Mathematical Physics Studies)

By Bach, Volker, Delle Site, Luigi

Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures 2001: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference held at the Eindhoven University of Technology, ... in the Philosophy of Science (Hardcover))

By de Vries, Bauke, van Leeuwen, Jos P., Achten, Henri

Advances in Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering

By Bramley, Alan, Brissaud, Daniel, Coutellier, McMahon, Christopher Alan

Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition (Springer Professional Computing)

By Maltoni, Davide, Maio, Dario, Jain, Anil K., Prabhakar, Salil

ThinkQuest 2010: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Contours of Computing Technology

By Pise, S J

Probing Experience: From Assessment of User Emotions and Behaviour to Development of Products: 8 (Philips Research Book Series, 8)

By Westerink, Joyce, Ouwerkerk, Martin, Overbeek, Therese J. M., Pasveer, W. Frank

Philosophical Explorations of the Legacy of Alan Turing: Turing 100: 324 (Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science, 324)

By Floyd, Juliet, Bokulich, Alisa

Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics: Proceedings of the International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics - 2007

By Wang, Rubin, Gu, Fanji, Shen, Enhua

Artificial Intelligence Methods in the Environmental Sciences

By Haupt, Sue Ellen, Pasini, Antonello, Marzban, Caren

Trends in Spatial Analysis and Modelling: Decision-Support and Planning Strategies: 19 (Geotechnologies and the Environment, 19)

By Behnisch, Martin, Meinel, Gotthard

Isotopic Landscapes in Bioarchaeology

By Grupe, Gisela, McGlynn, George C.

Reanalysis of Structures: A Unified Approach for Linear, Nonlinear, Static and Dynamic Systems: 151 (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 151)

By Kirsch, Uri

Thinking Ahead - Essays on Big Data, Digital Revolution, and Participatory Market Society

By Helbing, Dirk

Remote Sensing from Space: Supporting International Peace and Security

By Jasani, Bhupendra, Pesaresi, Martino, Schneiderbauer, Stefan, Zeug, Gunter

Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition

By Maltoni, Davide, Maio, Dario, Jain, Anil K., Prabhakar, Salil

Augmented Vision Perception in Infrared: Algorithms and Applied Systems (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)

By Hammoud, Riad I.

Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics: Practical Essentials (SpringerBriefs in Physics)

By Knechtli, Francesco, Gunther, Michael, Peardon

Automatic Digital Document Processing and Management: Problems, Algorithms and Techniques (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)

By Ferilli, Stefano