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How to Win at Online Gambling

By Balestra, Mark

21: Bringing Down the House: How Six Students Took Vegas for Millions

By Mezrich, Ben

Backgammon to Win: Play Like a Pro Both Online and Off

By Bray, Chris

The Punter's Friend: Guide to Racing and Betting

By Waterman, Jack

Value Betting: Professional Approach to Horse Racing and Sports Betting

By Coton, Mark, Ikerrin, David

Big Deal

By Holden, Anthony

UNDERSTANDING AND CALCULATING THE ODDS: Probability Theory Basics and Calculus Guide for Beginners, with Applications in Games of Chance and Everyday Life

By Barboianu, catalin

Betfair Trading Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

By Berry, Caan

Texas Hold'em Poker: Win Online

By Paul Mendelson

Backgammon (Know the Game)

By Copeland, WILLIAM

Backgammon: The Cruelest Game. The Art of Winning

By Cooke, Barclay, Bradshaw, Jon

Manchester United: A Celebration, 1993-94

By Express Newspapers

Begin Backgammon (Paperfronts S.)

By Molyneux, J.Du C.Vere

How to win at Casino Games.(Teach Yourself Sports & Games S.)

By Levez, Belinda

Confessions of an Ivy League Bookie

By Alson, Peter

No Easy Money: A Gambler's Diary

By Dave Nevison

The Secrets of Pricewise: The World's Number One Racing Tipster Revealed

By James Milton

Play Blackjack Like the Pros

By Blackwood, Kevin

Betting for Profit: Flat Racing and National Hunt Systems to Help You Win

By "Statistician"


By Paul Magriel, Renee Magriel

Beginning Backgammon

By Holland, Tim

Internet Gambling: How to Win Big Online, Playing Bingo, Poker, Lotto, Sports Betting and Much More

By Vogel, J. Philip

Winning Poker for the Serious Player

By Silberstang, Edwin

The Sure Thing: The Greatest Coup in Horse Racing History

By Nick Townsend

How to Win the National Lottery

By H.R. Samiy

The Honest Rainmaker: Life and Times of Colonel John R. Stingo

By A. J. Liebling, Garrison Keillor, Mark Sanger

Discovering Backgammon (Discovering S.)

By R.C. Bell

The Gamblers

By Pearson, John

Bringing Down the House: How Six Students Took Vegas for Millions

By Mezrich, Ben

Breaking Vegas

By Ben Mezrich