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Biology Books for Young Adults

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Keeping Unusual Pets: Lizards (Keeping Unusual Pets)

By Peter Heathcote

Polar Animals (Discovery S.)

By D Harper, Don Harper, Harper, D, Don

Growing (Themes for Early Years)

By Jenny Morris, Morris, Jenny

Food (Extending Science)

By Ramsden, Eileen

Introducing Living Things. Tchrs'.Gde (Text 1) (NRB)

The Perpetuation of Life. Tchrs'.Gde (Text 4) (NRB)

GCSE Revison Guide (Top Biology Grades for You)

By Gareth Williams, Williams, Gareth

Biology in Daily Life

By Olejnik, Irena

AQA GCSE Biology Additions (AQA GCSE Separate Sciences)

By Pruden, Vic

Inheritance (Science Now)

By Jenkins, M.

Armoured Animals (Insights Series)

By Chris Madsen

Amazing Nature: Marvellous Migrators Hardback

By Knight, Tim

AQA A Level Biology Year 2 Topics 5 and 6: Energy transfers in and between organisms, Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environment (Collins Student Support Materials)

By Boyle, Mike

AQA A Level Biology Year 2 Student Book (Collins AQA A Level Science)

By Boyle, Mike

Longman GCSE Study Guide: Biology (LONGMAN GCSE STUDY GUIDES)

By Millican, Chris, Barker, Martin

Microbes (Science@School S.)

By Brian Knapp, Knapp, Brian

Anthropods (Animal Kingdom)

By Ruth Miller

Creatures That Glow (Marshall Mammoth S.)

By Ganeri, Anita, Herring, Peter, Obin, Roger Stewart, Sarson, Stewart, Roger

Life Processes Food chain Webs paperback

By Wallace, Holly

Living Processes: Food Relationships and Webs

By Ballard, Carol

Inheritance and Evolution (Science Essentials - Biology)

By Walker, Denise

Plant Galls (Naturalists' Handbook Series): Vol. 17

By Margaret Redfern, R.R. Askew

A Very Special Place: Level 4 (Living Health - Traditional and Western Medicine)

By Agi Kiss

How the Body Works: The Facts Simply Explained

By DK:

Penicillin (Turning Points in History)

By Richard Tames

A World of Micro-organisms (Microlife)

By Robert Snedden

Science at the Edge: Cloning (Science at the edge)

By Morgan, Sally

Microlife-Scientists and Discoveries

By Robert Snedden

Muscles (Look at Your Body)

By Parker, Steve

Animal Camouflage and Defence (Nature Files)

By Kate Petty