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Biology Books for Young Adults

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Frog (Read & Learn: Life Cycles)

By Richard Spilsbury

The Journey of a Turtle (Lifecycles)

By Salariya, David, Scrace, Carolyn

Birds and Flight: Starting Points for Work in Cross-curricular Mathematics

By Shirley Clarke, etc., Clarke, Shirley, Martin, Andy

Human Body (The Young Scientist Investigates)

By Jennings, Terry

CCEA AS Unit 1 Biology Student Guide: Molecules and Cells

By Campton, John

Experimenting with Senses (Jump! Science S.)

By Byles, Monica

Mighty Microbes!: Get to Know Your Germs (Spaceship Earth S.)

By Yardley, Thompson

The Robot Zoo: A Mechanical Guide to the Way Animals Work

By Dr Philip Whitfield, John Kelly, Obin

Bug Books: Grasshopper Hardback

By Karen Hartley, Macro, Chris

Bug Books: Spider Hardback

By Macro, Chris

Plants and People (Plants)

By Angela Royston

Frog (Life Cycles)

By Royston, Angela

British Trees (Plants)

By Royston, Angela

Edith Cavell (Profiles S.)

By Nigel, Richardson

Thinking and Feeling (Body in Action)

By Bailey Publishers Association

Wind Energy (Alternative Energy)

Classification (Life Processes)

By Wallace, Holly

The Plant Book (Curriculum Visions)

By Knapp, Brian

Snakes and Other Reptiles (Adapted for Success)

By Solway, Andrew, Andrew Solway

Terror Under The Sea (Clever Clogs)

By TickTock Books

Bodywise (Nuffield Modular Science)

By Nuffield-Chelsea Curriculum Trust

Closer Look (Dinosaur Dynasty S.)

By Dixon, Dougal

Scary Creatures: Swarms

By Jim Pipe

The Young Scientist Investigates: Pond Life

By Terry Jennings, Jennings, Terry

Gorillas (Wild World) (Wild World S.)

By Miller-Schroeder, Patricia

Body Facts (Usborne Facts & Lists S.)

By Ganeri, Anita, Robinson, Allan, Smith, Guy

OCR A Level Biology Student Book 2

By Schmit, Adrian, Fosbery, Richard, Wakefield-Warren, Jenny

Medical Research (Finding Out About S.)

By Hughes, Martin

Pioneer Science: Medicine

Living Things (What They Don't Tell You About)

By Fowke, Robert