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1000 Tattoos (Klotz S.)

By Schiffmacher, Henk

Body Art

By Menzies, Kym

Nail art aux couleurs de l'été

By Plard, Ophélie

Body Art/Performing the Subject

By Amelia Jones

Tattoo: The Exotic Art of Skin Decoration

By Delio, Michelle

The New Tattoo

By Lautman, Victoria, Berndt, Vicki

High Voltage Tattoo (Kat Von D)

By Von D, Kat

Return of the Tribal: Celebration of Body Adornment, Piercing, Tattooing, Scarification, Body Painting

By Camphausen, Rufus C.

Tattoos: PO (Icons Series)

By Schiffmacher, Henk

Body Art and Performance (Skira Paperbacks)

By Lea Vergine

T25 1000 Tattoos: BU (Taschen 25)

By Schiffmacher, Henk

Skin Shows: Art of Tattoo

By Wroblewski, Chris

Japanese Tattooing Now

By Michael McCabe

The Body Art Book

By Miller, Jean-Chris

Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume II: 2

By Fuel, Danzig Baldaev (Contributions by), Sergei Vasiliev (Photographs by), Alexei Plutser-Sarno (Essays by), Anne Applebaum (Introduction by)

Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia Volume III: 3

By Fuel, Danzig Baldaev (Contributions by), Sergei Vasiliev (Photographs by), Alexander Sidorov (Essay by)


By Carey Hart, Bill Thomas

The World of Tattoo: An Illustrated History

By Maarten Hesselt van Dinter

Decorate Yourself: Cool Designs for Temporary Tattoos, Face Painting, Henna and More

By Andrich, Tom

The Mammoth Book of Tattoo Art (Mammoth Books)

By Hardy, Lal

Temporary Tattoos

By AVELINE, Erick, Chargueraud, Joyce

The Tattoo Chronicles (Kat Von D)

By Von D, Kat

Tattooing the World Pacific Designs in Print and Skin

By Ellis, Juniper

Tattoo: Secrets of a Strange Art

By Parry, Albert

Decorated Skin: A World Survey of Body Art

By Karl Groning, Ferdinand Anton

She's the One

By Kelly, Cathy

The Henna Body Art Kit: Everything You Need to Create Temporary Tattoos

By Marron, Aileen

Henna Body Art

By Mark Smith

Basic Tattooing Techniques


The Craft of Tattooing

By Alayon, Erick