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Books on Water Sports for Young Adults

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Sailing for Kids

By Kibble, Gary, Steve

Water Polo (Sports from Coast to Coast)

By Egan, Tracie

Swimming (Training to Succeed)

By Storey, Rita

Diving (Inside Story)

By Anon`

Surfing (To The Limit)

By Mason, Paul

Swimming a Length (Everyday Challenges)

By Clarke, Peter, Wimperis, Sarah

Surfing and Other Extreme Water Sports (Natural Thrills)

By Drew Lyon

Olympic Library: Swimming and Diving (Paperback)

By Verrier, John

AQA Sport and Physical Education for AS: Student's Book (Aqa Physical Education)

By Michael Murray, Paul Bevis

Football (Sporting Skills)

By Gifford, Clive

Gold in the Water

By P Mullen

The Secret Deep

By Lindsay Galvin


321 Go! Powerboat Race

By Rickard Stephen

Survival at Sea (Difficult and Dangerous)

By Lewis, Simon

Learning to Swim (Let's Investigate S.)

Surfing: The World's Best Surf Breaks and Techniques (World Sports Guide)

By Paul Mason

Surfing (Twenty4Sevens)

Wild Water: Canoeing and Kayaking (Adventure Outdoors)

By Champion, Neil

Free Dive(321 Go!) (Accelerated Reader Packs)

By Stephen Rickard

You Can Do It: Swimming (Paperback)

By Bizley, Kirk

Explorers Wanted!: Under the Sea

By Chapman, Simon

Superboats (Designed for Success)

By Ian Graham

Windsurfing (Set 3) (Trend S.)

Skyracer Yellow – Canoe Diary: Fantastic guided reading for year 3.

By Bishop, Nic

Swimming from Diving to Water Polo (Clever Clogs: the Olympic Sports)

By Jason Page

Surfing (Xtreme Sports)

By Ben Mondy

Swimming (Off We Go!)

By Mercer, Gillian, Endersby, F.

Skyracer Blue – River Rats: Engaging guided reading for year 4.

By Belcher, Angie

Swimming (How to Improve at)

By TickTock Books