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Chaos Theory

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Nature's Chaos

By Gleick, James, Porter, Eliot

1 available

Multibody Dynamics: Computational Methods and Applications: 28 (Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 28)

By Samin, Jean-Claude, Fisette, Paul

Thermal Transport in Low Dimensions: From Statistical Physics to Nanoscale Heat Transfer: 921 (Lecture Notes in Physics, 921)

By Lepri, Stefano

Analytical Methods in Rotor Dynamics: Second Edition: 9 (Mechanisms and Machine Science, 9)

By Dimarogonas, Andrew D., Paipetis, Stefanos A., Chondros, Thomas G.

Mechanism, Machine, Robotics and Mechatronics Sciences: 58 (Mechanisms and Machine Science, 58)

By Rizk, Rany, Awad, Mariette

Social Networks in the History of Innovation and Invention: 22 (History of Mechanism and Machine Science, 22)

By Moon, Francis C.

Vibration of Hydraulic Machinery: 11 (Mechanisms and Machine Science, 11)

By Wu, Yulin, Li, Shengcai, Liu, Shuhong, Dou, Hua-Shu, Qian, Zhongdong

The 11th IFToMM International Symposium on Science of Mechanisms and Machines: 18 (Mechanisms and Machine Science, 18)

By Visa, Ion

Task-Space Sensory Feedback Control of Robot Manipulators: 73 (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, 73)

By Cheah, Chien Chern, Li, Xiang

Dynamics of Vortex Structures in a Stratified Rotating Fluid: 47 (Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library, 47)

By Sokolovskiy, Mikhail A., Verron, Jacques

Motion and Vibration Control: Selected Papers from MOVIC 2008

By Ulbrich, Heinz, Ginzinger, Lucas

Viability of Hybrid Systems: A Controllability Operator Approach: 55 (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, 55)

By Labinaz, G., Guay, M.

Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Lattice Models (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics)

By Lavis, David A.

Dynamical Systems: An Introduction (Universitext)

By Barreira, Luis, Valls, Claudia

Computational Methods in Stochastic Dynamics: 22 (Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 22)

By Papadrakakis, Manolis, Stefanou, George, Papadopoulos, Vissarion

Computational Methods in Earthquake Engineering: 21 (Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 21)

By Papadrakakis, Manolis, Fragiadakis, Michalis, Lagaros, Nikos D.

Multibody Dynamics: Computational Methods and Applications: 4 (Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 4)

By Garcia Orden, Juan Carlo, Goicolea, José M., Cuadrado, Javier

Vibration and Structural Acoustics Analysis: Current Research and Related Technologies

By Vasques, C.M.A., Dias Rodrigues, J.

Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (III): Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics - 2011

By Yamaguchi, Yoko

Stochastic Process Variation in Deep-Submicron CMOS: Circuits and Algorithms: 48 (Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics, 48)

By Zjajo, Amir

Narconomics: How To Run a Drug Cartel

By Wainwright, Tom

Branches: Nature's patterns: a tapestry in three parts

By Ball, Philip

The Impact of Environmental Variability on Ecological Systems: 2 (The Peter Yodzis Fundamental Ecology Series, 2)

By Vasseur, D.A., McCann, K.S.

Modelling Protocells: The Emergent Synchronization of Reproduction and Molecular Replication (Understanding Complex Systems)

By Serra, Roberto, Villani, Marco

Modern Methods of Construction Design: Proceedings of ICMD 2013 (Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering)

By Ševĉik, Ladislav, Lepšík, Petr, Petru, Michal, Mašín, Ivan, Martonka, Rudolf

Pipe Inspection Robots for Structural Health and Condition Monitoring: 89 (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, 89)

By Ogai, Harutoshi, Bhattacharya, Bishakh

Multibody Dynamics: Computational Methods and Applications: 35 (Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 35)

By Terze, Zdravko

Cognitive Architectures: 94 (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, 94)

By Aldinhas Ferreira, Maria Isabel, Silva Sequeira, Joao, Ventura, Rodrigo

Vibrations of Elasto-Plastic Bodies (Foundations of Engineering Mechanics)

By Palmov, Vladimir, Belyaev, A.

Non-functional Requirements in Systems Analysis and Design: 28 (Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality, 28)

By Adams, Kevin MacG.