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Children's Books on Earth Sciences

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GCSE Success AQA Geography Revision Guide (GCSE Success Revision Guides and Workbooks)

By Arnell, Adam

1 available

AQA Geography AS Student Book

By John Smith, Roger Knill

2 available

Seashore Handbook (Miles Kelly Handbook)

By Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd, Camilla de la Bedoyere

Sticker Atlas Flags

By Doherty, Gillian

The Long and Rich History of Trade: 76 (Pocket Worlds S.)

By Joly, Dominique, Poissenot, Jean-Marie, Pococks, A.

Rainbow Is A: 2 (You'd Never Believe)

By Taylor, Helen

Scientifica Reader Year 8 Scientifica Presents The Amazement Park

By Louise Petheram, Petheram, Louise

Environment Action: Protect Nature

By Barnham, Kay

Wildlife in Danger (Precious Earth S.)

By Green, Jen

What are Rivers? (Cased)

By Owen, Andy

How Places Change (Going Places)

By Taylor, Barbara, Richardson-Jones, Tessa

Volcanoes And Earthquakes

By Booth, Basil

Rubbish and Recycling (Start-Up Geography) (Start-Up Geography S.)

By Anna Lee

Wild Britain: Pond Hardback

By Spilsbury, Louise

Physical Environment and Human Activities (People & their environment)

By Porter, John, Punnett, Neil


By Jennings, Terry

Earth Files Rivers Hardback

By Oxlade, Chris

People at Work (Going Places)

By Taylor, Barbara, Cox, Steve, Mukhida, Zul, Matthews, Jenny

Take Your Camera: Australia (Take Your Camera)

By Ted Park

Building Amazing Structures

By Oxlade, Chris

New Year

By Cooper, Jane

The Ganges (Holy Places)

By Vicky Parker

Europe (The World's Continents)

By Goodman, Polly, Bull, Peter

Going To School: 3 (One World)

By Rayner, A

Seashore Life (Usborne Nature Trail)

By Swallow, Su

Farming and Industry: 11 (Step By Step)

By Coster, Patience, P

Amazing World Atlas: Bringing the World to Life (Lonely Planet Kids)

By Kids, Lonely Planet

Protecting Our Planet: Waste, Recycling And Reuse

By Parker, Stephen, Steve

Healthy Seas (Sustainable Futures)

By Inskipp, Carol

Green Files: Thirsy World Hardback

By Steve Parker