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Children's Books on European History

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Roman Britain (History of Britain)

By Williams, Brenda, Brenda Williams

1 available

Factbook Of British History

By Jean Cooke & Theodore Rowland-Entwistle, Frances M. Clapham

1 available

Flip Quiz Great Britain

1 available

Horrible Histories: Vicious Vikings

By Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin

1 available

Sources in History: 17th Century

By Pearce, Malcolm L., Stewart, Geoffrey

1 available

Knowing British History: Saxons and Vikings v. 2

By Case, S.L., Hall, David John

1 available

Children Of The Blitz: Memories Of Wartime Childhood

By Westall, Robert

1 available

Tudor and Stuart Life Paper (A SENSE OF HISTORY PRIMARY)

By Purkis, Sallie, Mason, James

5 available

Key Stage 2 - Resource Book (Sense of History S.)

By Mason, James

7 available

The Life and Times of Edward VII (Kings & Queens S.)

By Middlemas, Keith

1 available

Presenting the Past: Rulers and Rebels Bk. 2

By Middleton, Haydn

1 available

Britain Since 1930 (Exploring History) (EXPLORE HISTORY)

By Jane Shuter

2 available

Lark Rise to Candleford: A Trilogy - Lark Rise; Over to Candleford; Candleford Green (Modern Classics)

By Thompson, Flora, Massingham, H., Flora Thompson

1 available

Rosa Luxemburg: In Her Own Time ("In Her Own Time" biographies)

By Wendy, Forrest

1 available

The Anglo-Saxons (Fact Finders Series)

By Loverance, Rowena

1 available

Tudors (On The Trail Of)

By Wood, Richard, R

1 available

Success in European History 1815-1941 (Success Studybooks)

By Watson, Jack B.

1 available

Medieval Realms Britain 1066-1500: Teachers' Guide (Key History for Key Stage 3)

By Hepplewhite, Peter, Tonge, Neil

3 available

Ill in Tudor Times (You Wouldn't Want To Be)

By Senior, Kathryn

Rosalind Franklin (Scientists Who Made History)

By Senker, Cath

Changes: Toys and Games

By Gogerly, Liz

School Days: 6 (Changes)

By Gogerly, Liz

20th Century Leaders: Hitler

By Dowswell, Paul

The Industrial Revolution (All About)

By Hepplewhite, Peter

Everything To Live For: A Story From Northern Ireland: 17 (Survivors)

By Ross, Stewart

False Papers: A Story From World War One (Survivors)

By Ross, Stewart

Beginning History: The Gunpowder Plot

By Gogerly, Liz

Beginning History: The Great Fire Of London

By Gogerly, Liz

The History Detective Investigates: Tudor Home

By Childs, Alan

The History Detective Investigates: Tudor Theatre

By Childs, Alan