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Children's Books on Geography & Cultures

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China: The Land and the People

By Money, D.C.

Defeating the Deserts (Last Frontiers for Mankind S.)

By Williams, Lawrence, Collinson, Alan

China: The Land and the People

By Money, D.C.

Polar Lands (Ecology Watch S.)

By Aldis, Rodney

Grasslands (Ecology Watch S.)

By Collinson, Alan

Rivers, Ponds and Lakes (Ecology Watch S.)

By Ganeri, Anita

Earth Science (Science Questions & Answers S.)

By Ganeri, Anita

Rome (Holy Cities S.)

By Pirotta, Saviour, Coppendale, Jean

Mecca (Holy Cities S.)

By Husain, Shahrukh

Foundations of Geography

By Money, D.C.

Varanasi (Holy Cities S.)

By Pirotta, Saviour

Rivers, Ponds and Lakes (Alpha Books S.)

By Ganeri, Anita, Barber, Nicola

What Was it Like Before Electricity? (Rainbows S.)

By Bennett, Paul, Humphrey, Paul

Below the Green Pond (Rainbows S.)

By Humphrey, Paul

Winter Science Projects (Seasonal Science Projects)

By Williams, John

A River Journey (Green Rainbows Geography S.)

By Humphrey, Paul

Nature's Wonders (Green Rainbows Geography S.)

By Jackson, Mike

Recycle it!

By Humphrey, Paul

Houses and Homes

By Jackson, Mike, Ramsay, Helena

Gagarin and Armstrong (Beyond the Horizons S.)

By Twist, Clint

Stones (Would You Believe it!)

By Chambers, Catherine

Christmas (A World of Festivals S.)

By Chambers, Catherine

The Ganges (Great Rivers S.)

By Pollard, Michael

Great Rivers of Britain (Great Rivers S.)

By Pollard, Michael

Super Structures (Design Challenge S.)

By Good, Keith, Scrivens, Tim

USA (Countries of the World)

By Bowden, Rob

Kenya (Countries of the World)

By Bowden, Rob

Brazil (Countries of the World)

By Dicks, Brian, Bowden, Rob

Japan (Countries of the World)

By Bowden, Rob

A Young People's Introduction: Sustainable Human Development

By Peace Child International