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Children's Books on Hinduism

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Interpreting Religions: Hindus

By Wayne, Elizabeth, Everington, Judith, Kadodwala, Dillip, Nesbitt, Eleanor

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Guru Nanak's Birthday (Living Festivals) (Living Festivals S.)

By Margaret Davidson

Mahabharata (English)

Stop, Look, Listen: Animated World Faiths - Teachers Guide (Quest S.)

By Morris, Denize

Hindu Beliefs and Issues Student Book (Badger KS3 Religious Studies)

By Keene, Michael

My Hindu Year (A Year of Religious Festivals)

By Senker, Cath

Pb Hindu World (Religions Of World)

By Bahree, Patricia

Hindu Festivals

By Cooper, Jane

Hinduism (Themes in World Religions S.)

By Mercier, S. C.

Seeking Religion: The Hindu Experience, foundation edition: v. 1

By Thompson, Jan

Diwali (Living Festivals S.)

By Marsh, Howard

The Guru's Family: A Story About Guru Nanak's Birthday (Celebration Stories)

By Mitchell, Pratima

World Religions in Education:Approaches to Hinduism

By Jackson, Robert, Killingley, Dermot

Hinduism (Living Religions: Hinduism)

By Kadodwala, Dilip

This is Hinduism

By Symmons, Dave

Stop, Look, Listen: Animated World Faiths - the Ramayana (Quest: animated world faiths)

By Humble-Jackson, Sally

Ideas Bank – RE - Hinduism (7-11) (Ideas Bank S.)

By Moorcroft, Christine, Brown, Andy, Dover, Tony

Hinduism (Religions Through Festivals S.)

By Jackson, Robert

Krishna and Hinduism (Great Religious Leaders)

By Marchant, Kerena

Ideas Bank – RE - Sikhism (7-11) (Ideas Bank S.)

By Prior, Lesley, Spilling, Michael, Dover, Tony

Living Religions: Living Hinduism Hardback

Hindu (Prayer And Worship)

By Ganeri, Anita

Modern World Religions: Hinduism Pupil Book Core

By Gibson, Lynne

World Religions: Hinduism

By Kanitkar, V.P., Cole, W.Owen

I Am A Hindu (My Belief)

By Aggarwal, M

Hindu Festivals

By Mitter, Swasti

Hinduism (Religion in Focus)

By Teece, Geoff

Diwali (Celebrations)

By Deshpande, Chris

Hinduism (Religious Signs & Symbols)

By Senker, Cath

World of Faiths: Hinduism (QED World of Faiths)

By Anita Ganeri