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Science Fun: Sound

By Ardley, Neil

Experiment with Light (Jump! Science S.)

By Hall, Godfrey

Crashing and Flashing: Science with Sound and Light (Kingfisher Young Discoverers S.)

By Glover, David

Light & Sound (Mad About Science)

By Clark, John

Light and Colour (Straightforward Science)

By Riley, Peter D.

Light and Dark (Step-by-step Science)

By Oxlade, Chris

Light, Sound and Electricity (Library of Science)

By Robson, Kirsteen

The Magic School Bus in the Haunted Museum (Magic School Bus TV Tie-ins S.)

By Cole, Joanna, Degen, Bruce

Light Up Your Life (Making Sense of Science)

By Phillips, David, Rolph, Mic

Why Can't I...Roar Like a Lion?: Questions About Sound (Why Can't I series): Questions About Light

By Hewitt, Sally

Light and Dark (Piccolo Early Learn Together S.)

By Laird, Elizabeth

Awesome Experiments in Light and Sound

By DiSpezio, Michael A., Leary, Catherine

Energy and Light (Today's World S.)

By Lafferty, Peter

The Little Light Shines Bright: A True Story About the World's Longest Burning Lightbulb

By Juliette Goodrich

Light, Sound and Electricity

By Kirsteen Rogers, P. Clarke, Alastair Smith

What Noise?

By Debbie MacKinnon

Light (Alpha Science S.)

By Chambers, Catherine

Day Light, Night Light: Where Light Comes from: 1 (Let's-Read-And-Find-Out Science 2)

By Branley, Franklyn M, Schuett, S

Why Can't I Sleep on a Bed of Bubbles?: Questions about Materials (Why Can't I series)

By Hewitt, Sally

Sound (Fun with Science S.)

By Cash, Terry, Taylor, Barbara, Bull, P., Chen, K.K., Terry Cash, Barbara Taylor


By Walpole, Brenda, Brenda Walpole

Sound and Music (Let's Explore Science)

By Evans, David, Williams, Claudette

The Best Ears In The World: A first look at sound and hearing (Little Bees)

By Llewellyn, Claire

Sound (Science Works)

By Parker, Steve

Light (Science Works)

By Parker, Steve

Sound (Step-by-step Science)

By Ramsay, Helena

Science Experiments with Light and Mirrors (Usborne Pocket Science S.)

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Why is Night Dark? (Usborne Starting Point Science S.)

By Tahta, Sophy

Why is Night Dark? (Usborne Starting Point Science S.)

By Tahta, Sophy

Edison's Fantastic Phonograph

By Kimpton, Diana, Robertson, M. P.