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Lenny and Lily Return to School

By Carpenter OBE, Barry, Erskine, Alison, Hawkes, Jenny, Firmin, Charlotte, Hollins, Sheila

The TV Time Travellers

By Johnson, Pete

Anneli the Art Hater

By Fine, Anne

Fish in the Sky

By Fridrik Erlings

Beano Dennis & Gnasher: Battle for Bash Street School: Book 1 in the funniest illustrated adventure series for children – a perfect Christmas present ... 7, 8, 9 and 10 year old kids! (Beano Fictio...

By Beano Studios, Daley, I.P.

Joey Pigza Loses Control

By Gantos, Jack, Tazzyman, David

Pea's Book of Best Friends

By Day, Susie

The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler

By Kemp, Gene

There’s a Snake in My School!: The spectacularly funny illustrated children’s book from number-one bestelling author David Walliams!

By Walliams, David, Ross, Tony

Pump Street Primary 1:Dangerouse Daisy

By Wilson, Bob

Good Knight, Bad Knight and the Big Game

By Knight, Tom

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School

By Child, Lauren

Nicholas on Holiday

By Goscinny, Rene, Sempe, Jean-Jacques, Bell, Anthea

Under the Bed (Reading Ladder Level 3)

By Fine, Anne

Alice-Miranda in Paris (Alice-Miranda, 7)

By Harvey, Jacqueline

Alice-Miranda Shows the Way (Alice-Miranda, 6)

By Harvey, Jacqueline

Claudine at St Clare's

By Blyton, Enid

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life: (Middle School 1)

By Patterson, James

Amber Brown Goes Fourth

By Danziger, Paula, Ross, Tony

Shiverton Hall: 1

By Fennell, Emerald

The Big Clash

By Rob Childs, Childs, Rob

Crow Girl

By Cann, Kate

Middle School: Dog's Best Friend: (Middle School 8)

By Patterson, James

Fifteen Bones

By R. J. Morgan

Rotten School (2) – The Great Smelling Bee: No. 2

By Stine, R. L.

Second Term at Trebizon (Puffin Books)

By Anne, Digby

Summer Term at Trebizon: Book 3 (Puffin Books)

By Anne, Digby

I Miss Franklin P.Shuckles

By Snihura, Ulana, Franson, Leanne

The Naughtiest Girl: Naughtiest Girl In The School: Book 1

By Enid Blyton, Blyton, Enid

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Book 1)

By Kinney, Jeff