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Children's Books on Self-Esteem & Self-Respect

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Let's Chase Stars Together: Poems to lose yourself in, perfect for 10+

By Matt Goodfellow

R U a Teenage Health Freak?

By Aidan Macfarlane, Ann McPherson

Ella on the Outside

By Cath Howe

The Invisible

By Tom Percival

The Family Book

By Parr, Todd


By Janine Amos

A First Look At: Family Break-Up: My Family's Changing

By Pat Thomas, Lesley Harker

ABC I Like Me


Little Monsters

By David Walliams, Adam Stower

How To Be Extraordinary

By Rashmi Sirdeshpande, Annabel Tempest

All Kinds of Feelings in Bengali and English

By Emma Brownjohn

Mood Boost: Phase 4 Set 2 Stretch and challenge (Big Cat Phonics for Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised)

By Catherine Baker, Collins Big Cat

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses

By Jan Brett

I Miss You

By Leena Lane, Claire Vessey

A Better Day: Your Positive Mental Health Handbook - Winner of the Children's Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2023

By Dr. Alex George, Dave Pratt

I Can Handle it

By Laurie Wright, Ana Santos

You Are Friendly

By Todd Snow, Melodee Strong

I Will Be Okay (Mindful Mantras)

By Wright, Ms Laurie N, Santos, Ms Ana

Mr. Men Little Miss: Be Kind (Mr. Men and Little Miss Discover You)

By Roger Hargreaves

The Fed-up Cow

By Lemon, Peta, Todoric, Maria Dasic

Storytime: When I Grow Up . . .

By Gill McClean

Ug : Boy Genius Of The Stone Age And His Search For Soft Trousers

By Raymond Briggs

Little Worm's Big Question

By Eva Schlunke, Paul Fitzgerald (aka Polyp)

Be Happy Be You: The teenage guide to boost happiness and resilience

By Alexander, Penny, Goddard-Hill, Becky, Collins Kids

Swan Boy

By Sheehan, Nikki

A Children's Guide to Starting Secondary School & Self Esteem Journal: Volume 1

By Rainford, Laverne

Able Writers in your School: Developing the Potential of Gifted Children in Primary Schools. A Practical Guide for Teachers

By Brian Moses, Roger Stevens

The Forgettery

By Rachel Ip, Laura Hughes

Forever Amber Brown

By Paula Danziger, Tony Ross, Jacqueline Rogers

101 Games for Self-Esteem

By Mosley, Jenny, Sonnet, Helen, Cripps, Mark, Hoskin, Brian