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Civil Liberties & Political Activism

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The Great Railway Conspiracy: Fall and Rise of Britain's Railways Since the 1950's

By Henshaw, David

Called to Account: Case for Police Accountability in England and Wales

By Spencer, Sarah, National Council for Civil Liberties

Dispossession: The Performative in the Political (PCVS-Polity Conversations Series)

By Judith Butler, Athena Athanasiou

Equal Rights: 4 (Human Rights)

By O'Connor, M

Freedom Of Speech (Human Rights)

By Steele, Philip

Politics and Propaganda (In The News)

By Hibbert, A

Amnesty International (World Organizations)

By Grant, R. G.

Tomorrow is Another Country: Inside Story of South Africa's Negotiated Revolution

By Sparks, Allister

The Afrikaners: Their Last Great Trek

By Leach, Graham

The Provos: The IRA and Sinn Fein

By Peter Taylor

Forever Lost, Forever Gone

By Hill, Paddy Joe, Hunt, Gerard

Human Rights Now!: Official Book of the Amnesty International World Concert Tour

By Henke, James

117 Days

By First, Ruth

Makeba: My Story

By Makeba, Miriam, Hall, James

Goodbye Bafana

By Gregory, James

Goodbye Bafana: Nelson Mandela - My Prisoner, My Friend

By James Gregory, Bob Graham

Civil Resistance Today

By Kurt Schock

Deeds Not Words: Lives of Suffragette Teachers

By Kean, Hilda

Like Water On Stone: The Story of Amnesty International

By Power, Jonathan

I'm Not The Only One

By Galloway, George

Politics and Propaganda Weapons of Mass Seduction

By Nicholas O'Shaughnessy, O'Shaughnessy, Nicholas

The Policeman (Easy Reading Books)

By Southgate, Vera

Reasons to Be Cheerful: from Punk to New Labour Through the Eyes of a Dedicated Troublemaker

By Steel, Mark

Liquid Magic (Science Club)

By Science Club

Ayahs, Lascars and Princes: Indians in Britain, 1700-1947

By Rozina Visram, Visram, Rozina

Riot!: Civil Insurrection From Peterloo to the Present Day

By Hernon, Ian

Violence and Law in the Modern Age

By Cassese, Antonio

Penny Red: Notes from the New Age of Dissent

By Penny, Laurie

Do It Yourself: A Handbook For Changing Our World

By Trapese, Trapese

Surveillance: The Impact on Our Lives (21st Century Debates)

By Mccgwire, Scarlett