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The Greek Anthology;And Other Ancient Epigrams: A Selection in Modern Verse Translations (Classics)

By Jay, Peter

1 available

The Odyssey (Penguin Classics)

By Homer, Jones, Peter, Rieu, Dominic, Rieu, E. V., D. C. H.

2 available

Penguin Classics Homer The Iliad

By Homer, Hammond, Martin

2 available

Selected Poems of Christina Rossetti (Wordsworth Poetry Library)

By Rossetti, Christina, McGowran, Katharine

1 available

Greek Literature: An Anthology:Translations from Greek Prose And Poetry (Classics)

By Grant, Michael

1 available

The Aeneid (Penguin Classics)

By Virgil, West, David, West, David

5 available

The Aeneid (Oxford World's Classics)

By Virgil, Griffin, Jasper, Day Lewis, C.

1 available

Ausias March: A Key Anthology (Anglo-Catalan Society Occasional Publications S.)

By March, Ausias, Archer, Robert, Archer, Robert

14 available

Beowulf: A Prose Translation (Penguin Classics)

By Wright, David (trans).

1 available

The Aeneid (World's Classics S.)

By Virgil, Griffin, Jasper, Griffin, Jasper, Day Lewis, C.

1 available

Sensation and Sex (Penguin Great Ideas)

By Lucretius

1 available

Petits Poemes En Prose (Le Spleen De Paris)

By Charles Baudelaire

1 available

Poems of the Late T'ang (Classics)

By Graham, A.

1 available

Medieval Texts and Images: Studies of Manuscripts from the Middle Ages

By Manion, Margaret M., Muir, Bernard James

1 available

Roman Poets of the Early Empire (Classics)

By Boyle, Anthony

1 available

The Sixteen Satires (Classics)

By Juvenal; Green, Peter (translator), Green, Peter

1 available

Blood and Roses. The Paston Family in the Fifteenth Century.

By Castor, Helen

1 available

Beowulf: An Illustrated Edition



By Lattimore, R.

Shame and Necessity: 57 (Sather Classical Lectures)

By Williams, Bernard

The Odyssey

By Homer Homer, Emily Wilson

The Iliad

By Homer, Alexander, Caroline

The Dialogues of Plato, Volume 2: The Symposium: 002

By Plato, Allen, R. E.

Heroes: The myths of the Ancient Greek heroes retold (Stephen Fry’s Greek Myths, 2)

By Fry, Stephen

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

By Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Gustave Dore

La Chanson de Roland

By F. Whitehead

Selected Poems: Keats: John Keats (Penguin Classics: Poetry)

By Keats, John, Barnard, John

Floire ET Blanchefleur

By Robert d'Orbigny, Leclanche, Jean-Luc


By Tennyson, Alfred Lord, Ricks, Sir Christopher, alfred-lord-tennyson

The Earliest English Poems (Penguin Classics)

By None, Alexander, Michael