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Information and Communication Technology for AQA AS(AQA AS Level)

By Mott, Julian, Leeming, Anne, Williams, Helen

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ICT for OCR National Level 2 Student Book: Unit 2 Webpage creation and Unit 20 Creating animation for the WWW using ICT (OCR Nationals in ICT Level 2)

By Keith Parry, Anne Kelsall, Graham Manson

Using a Computer for the First Time (Complete beginner's guide)

By Hall, Bill

Using Email for the First Time

By Hall, Bill

Game On: History and Culture of Video: The History and Culture of Videogames

By King, Lucien

A Level Study Guide: Computing

By Pat M. Heathcote, Kevin Bond

Excel for Clinical Governance

By Gillies, Alan

Tackling Computer Projects: A Step-by-step Guide to Better Projects (Letts A Level)

By Heathcote, Pat M.

Computer Science (Computing Textbooks)

By French, C.S.

Computing, Level A

By Heathcote, Pat M., P.M. Heathcote

A2 in a Week: Computing (Revise A2 in a Week S.)

By O'Bryne, Sean, Hoang, Thaag, O'Byrne, Sean

Instant Notes in Bioinformatics

By Parish, J Howard, Twyman, Richard M

The Accountant's Guide to Excel

By Fulford, James

Principles of Applied Statistics and Information Management

By Fleming, M.C., Nellis, Joseph G.

Hands Off - It's My Go!: Information Technology in the Languages Classroom (Technology in language learning)

By Terry Atkinson

Beginning Linux Programming (First Edition)

By Neil Matthews, Rick Stones

Computing Project Management


By Waites, Nick, Knott, Geoffrey

IT-Enabled Business Change: Successful Management

By Sharm Manwani

GCE in Applied ICT: A2 Student's Book and CD

By Trevor Heathcote, Heathcote, Trevor

GCE in Applied ICT: AS Student's Book and CD

By Trevor Heathcote, Heathcote, Trevor

Passing the ICT Skills Test (Achieving QTS Series)

By Ferrigan, Clive

'A' Level ICT (3rd Edition) (GCE ICT)

By Heathcote, Pat M.

'AS' Level ICT (3rd Ed) (GCE ICT)

By Heathcote, Pat M.

'A2' ICT (3rd Ed) (GCE ICT)

By Heathcote, Pat M.

Intermediate GNVQ Information Communication Technology (Compulsory Units) (GCSE)

By Richards, Mr R.P., Heathcote, Pat M.

'A' Level Computing (5th Edition) (GCE Computing)

By Langfield, Sylvia, Heathcote, Pat

GCSE ICT (3rd Edition)

By Evans, P

The Essentials of GCSE ICT

By Deeson, Eric

Computers (Basic Facts S.)

By Samways, Brian, Byrne-Jones, Tony