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The Twilight Gospel: The Spiritual Roots of Stephanie Meyer's Vampire Saga

By Roberts, Dave

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What Are You Doing With Your Life?

By Krishnamurti, J.

Freewheeling: How to Let Go a Little, Love a Lot and Discover Life in All Its Fullness

By Adams, Ruth, Harney, Jan

The Thinker: Thoughts from the Heart of an Evangelist

By Carswell, Roger

Encounters With God: Moments That Change Lives (Spring Harvest Themes)

By Peter Hicks

Uncovered: True Stories of Changed Lives

By Carswell, Jonathan

The Pursuit of God (Tozer Classics Series): The Human Thirst for the Divine

By Tozer, Aw, AW Tozer

Connecting with the Heart of God

By PRICE & MCQUOID, Charles Price, Elizabeth McQuoid

True Grit: Women Taking on the World, for God's Sake

By Meroff, Deborah

Tracing the Rainbow: Working Through Loss and Bereavement

By Pablo Martinez, Ali Hull

Discipleship Manual for the World Church (Global Action)

By Briggs, Richard, Briggs, Richard, editor

Take My Plastic

By Maiden, Peter

Why Do Christians Shoot Their Wounded?: Helping (Not Hurting) Those with Emotional Difficulties

By Carlson, Dwight L.

Why Me?: Approaches to the Problems of Suffering

By Carswell, Roger

The God Impulse: Is Religion Hardwired into the Brain?

By Nelson, Kevin

Walking Through Advent: Daily Readings

By Pickard, Jan Sutch

Like Leaves to the Sun: Prayers from the Iona Community

By Paynter, Neil

Spiritual Care with Sick Children and Young People: A handbook for chaplains, paediatric health professionals, arts therapists and youth workers

By Paul Nash, Kathryn Darby and Sally Nash

Angela: An Earth Angel's Journey

By Angela Young

Pigs Of The Fields Homo Insapiens

By Michael Elton

Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties and Roots

By Ryle, J. C.

Hanging by a Thread: The Questions of the Cross

By Wells, Samuel

Etched by Silence: A pilgrimage through the poetry of RS Thomas

By Cotter, Jim

Seeing in the Dark: Pastoral perspectives on suffering from the Christian spiritual tradition

By Chapman, Christopher

Journey to the Heart: Christian Contemplation Through the Centuries - An Illustrated Guide

By Natarajah, Kim, Freeman OSB, Laurence

365 Days of Yes: Daily Prayers and Readings for a Missional People (Church Missionary Society)

By Church Mission Society

A Simplified Life: A Contemporary Hermit's Experience of Solitude and Silence

By Schiller, Verena

For All That Has Been, Thanks: Growing a Sense of Gratitude

By Williams, Rowan, Chittister, Joan

Walking the Labyrinth: A Spiritual and Practical Guide

By Welch, Sally

Relationships and Emotions After Christendom

By Jeremy Thomson