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Criminal & Forensic Psychology

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Psychotherapists as Expert Witnesses: Families at Breaking Point

By Kennedy, Roger

The Betrayal of Anne Frank: Less a Mystery Unsolved Than a Secret Well Kept

By Sullivan, Rosemary

A Bit of a Stretch: The Diaries of a Prisoner

By Atkins, Chris

Serial Killers: Shocking, Gripping True Crime Stories of the Most Evil Murderers

By Innes, Brian

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us

By Robert D. Hare

The Stranger Beside me: The Inside Story of Serial Killer Ted Bundy

By Rule, Ann


By Douglas, John, Olshaker, Mark

The Dark Side of the Mind: True Stories from My Life as a Forensic Psychologist

By Daynes, Kerry

Clinical Neuropsychology: A Practical Guide to Assesment and Management for Clinicians: A Practical Guide to Assessment and Management for Clinicians

By Goldstein, Laura H., Mcneil, Jane E.

In the Underworld (Counterpoint S.)

By Taylor, Laurie

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit (Now A Netflix Series)

By Douglas, John, Olshaker, Mark

Forensic Psychology (Macmillan Insights in Psychology series)

By Scott, Adrian J.

OCR A2 Psychology Student Unit Guide: Unit G543: Forensic Psychology (Student Unit Guides)

By Middleton, Sarah, Clarke, David

Forensic Psychology: Fact and Fiction

By Thomas Davis

Voyeurism: A Case Study

By Duff, Simon

His Bloody Project

By Graeme Macrae Burnet

Suicide in Prisons

By Graham J. Towl, Louisa Snow, Martin McHugh, Martin Narey

Classic Case Studies in Psychology: Third edition

By Rolls, Geoff

Criminological and Forensic Psychology

By Gavin, Helen

Violent and Sexual Offenders: Assessment, Treatment and Management

By Ireland, Jane L.

Forensic Psychologists Casebook: Psychological profiling and criminal investigation

By Alison, Laurence

A Matter of Security: The Application of Attachment Theory to Forensic Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (Forensic Focus)

By Friedemann Pfäfflin and Gwen Adshead

Psychological Evaluations for the Courts: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals and Lawyers. Third Edition

By Melton, Gary, Petrila, John, Pythress, Norman G., Slobogin, Christopher

Legal Blame: How Jurors Think and Talk About Accidents (Law and Public Policy - Psychology and the Social Sciences Series)

By Feigenson, Neal

Violent Offenders: Appraising and Managing Risk (Law and Public Policy - Psychology and the Social Sciences Series)

By Quinsey, Vernon L., etc., Harris, Grant Thomas, Rice, Marnie Elizabeth, Cormier, Catherine A.

Introduction to Forensic Psychology: Research and Application

By Bartol, Curtis R., Bartol, Anne M.

Forensic Psychology: Theory, research, policy and practice

By Jennifer Brown, Yvonne Shell, Terri Cole

Forensic and Legal Psychology

By Costanzo, University Mark, Krauss, University Daniel

Therapists in Court: Providing Evidence and Supporting Witnesses (Legal Resources Counsellors & Psychotherapists)

By Tim Bond, Amanpreet Sandhu

Introduction to Forensic and Criminal Psychology

By Howitt, Dr Dennis