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Wellington Square Think About it is it Safe?

By Jenny Alexander

Wellington Square Think About it the Fun Fair: Citizenship

By Alison Hawes

Directions Pupils' Book 1

By Ina Taylor, Taylor, Ina

Activate! Students' Book 2: Enquiries into National Citizenship (Activate 2)

By Institute for Citizenship, Pauline Hudson, Anne Knapp

Festivals (Blueprints)

By Joy Palmer

Understanding Leisure

By Haywood, Les, etc., Kew, F.C., Bramham, P., Spink, J., Capenerhurst, J., Henry I

Scotland After Enlightenment (Determinations S.)

By Beveridge, Craig, Turnbull, Ronald

Issues in Americanisation and Culture

By Campbell, Neil, Davies, Jude, McKay, George

The Democratic Intellect: Scotland and Her Universities in the Nineteenth Century (Edinburgh University publications)

By Davie, George Elder

The Identity of the Scottish Nation: A Historic Quest

By Ferguson, WILLIAM

Driving to California: Unconventional Introduction to Philosophy

By Colin Radford

Social Class in America and Britain

By Fiona Devine

Virtue, Learning and the Scottish Enlightenment: Ideas of Scholarship and Society in Early Modern Scotland

By Allan, David

Spectacles, Monocles and Lorgnettes (Shire Album) (Shire Album S.)

By Davidson, D.C., MacGregor, Ronald J.S.

Buttons (Shire Album) (Shire Album S.)

By Meredith, Alan, Meredith, Gillian

Sentimental Jewellery (The Shire Book)

By Luthi, Anne Louise

Gods, Mongrels And Demons

By Calder, Angus, Calder, Angus, Calder, Angus, Calder, Angus

Seeing Is Believing: How Hollywood Taught Us to Stop Worrying and Love the Fifties

By Biskind, Peter

The Fin de Siecle

By West, Shearer

The Highest Altar: Story of Human Sacrifice

By Tierney, Patrick

Geisha: The Remarkable Truth Behind the Fiction

By Downer, Lesley


By Spencer, John, Spencer, Anne, John and Anne Spencer

Egyptian Echo (Newspaper Histories)

By Dowswell, Paul

The Music Industry: Music in the Cloud (DMS - Digital Media and Society)

By Wikstrom, Patrik

On Education: Conversations with Riccardo Mazzeo

By Bauman, Pro Zygmunt

Afghanistan: The Labyrinth of Violence: The Ladyrinth of Violence (Global Political Hot Spots): 1 (Hot Spots in Global Politics)

By Misra, Amalendu

Modern Political Communication: Medicated Politics in Uncertain Times: Mediated Politics In Uncertain Terms

By Stanyer, James

The Information Society: A Sceptical View

By May, Christopher T.

Radio in the Global Age

By Hendy, David

Globalization: The Human Consequences (Themes for the 21st Century)

By Bauman, Zygmunt