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Ecological Pollution

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Into Harmony with the Planet: The Delicate Balance Between Industry and the Environment

By Allaby, Michael

1 available

Surviving the Century: Facing Climate Chaos and Other Global Challenges

By Girardet, Herbert

1 available

Deserts: The Encroaching Wilderness (The Mitchell Beazley world conservation atlases)

By Allan, Tony, Warren, Andrew, Tolba, Mostafa

1 available

Rape of the Wild

By Collard, Andree, Contrucci, Joyce

1 available

Basics of Environmental Science

By Allaby, Michael

1 available

Pollution and the death of man

By Schaeffer, Francis A

1 available

Managing Environmental Pollution (Routledge Environmental Management)

By Farmer, Andrew

1 available

Silent Spring

By CARSON Rachel

1 available

The Case for the Green New Deal

By Ann Pettifor

Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide (FireWorks)

By Liegey, Vincent, Nelson, Anitra

The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society (Oxford Handbooks in Politics & International Relations)

By Dryzek, John

A Language Older Than Words

By Derrick Jensen

Climate Economics: Economic Analysis of Climate, Climate Change and Climate Policy: Economic Analysis of Climate, Climate Change and Climate Policy, Second Edition

By Richard S.J. Tol

Burn Out: The Endgame for Fossil Fuels

By Helm, Dieter

A Bright Future: How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and the Rest Can Follow

By Goldstein, Joshua S., Qvist, Staffan A.

The Next Great Migration: The Story of Movement on a Changing Planet

By Shah, Sonia

Environmental Hazards (Aspects of Geography)

By Park, C.C.

Climate and Society: Transforming the Future

By Leichenko, Robin, O'Brien, Karen

Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know(r)

By Romm, Joseph

Watermelons: How Environmentalists are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing Your Children's Future

By James Delingpole

The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future

By Wallace-Wells, David

Biodiversity and Climate Change: Transforming the Biosphere

By Lovejoy, Thomas E., Hannah, Lee, Wilson, Edward O.

Tenth Anniversary Edition (Human Development Report)

By United Nations Development Programme

Climate: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

By Maslin, Mark

Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction 3/e (Very Short Introductions)

By Mark Maslin, Maslin, Mark

The Secret Life of Trees: How They Live and Why They Matter

By Tudge, Colin

The Environmental Endgame: Mainstream Economics, Ecological Disaster, and Human Survival

By Robert L. Nadeau

Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future

By Centre for Alternative Technology (Great Britain), Hooker-Stroud, Alice

High Tide: News from a Warming World

By Lynas, Mark

Long Thaw: How Humans Are Changing the Next 100,000 Years of Earth's Climate (Science Essentials)

By Archer, David