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Economic Geology

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Water for Life (Course S103)

By Anon

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The Nuclear Fuel Cycle: From Ore to Waste (Oxford Science Publications)

By Wilson, P. D.

Seismic Exploration Methods

By Sengbush, Ray L.

Geostatistical Case Studies: 2 (Quantitative Geology and Geostatistics, 2)

By Matheron, G., Armstrong, M.

Petroleum Sedimentology

By Zimmerle, H.

Energy Dispersive Spectrometry of Common Rock Forming Minerals

By Severin, Kenneth P.

Mathematical Theory of Oil and Gas Recovery: With Applications to ex-USSR Oil and Gas Fields: 4 (Petroleum Engineering and Development Studies, 4)

By Bedrikovetsky, P.

Coalbed Methane: Scientific, Environmental and Economic Evaluation

By Mastalerz, M., Glikson, M. V., Golding, Suzanne D.

Rock Mechanics: For Underground Mining

By Brady, Barry H.G., Brown, E. T.

Deltas: Processes of Deposition and Models for Exploration

By Coleman, J.M.

Goyt Valley Miner: Errwood Hall and Castedge Pit

By Dranfield, Kevin

Geological Aspects of Horizontal Drilling (Aapg Continuing Education Course Note)

By Fritz, R.D., etc.

A Petroleum Geologist's Guide to Seismic Reflection

By Ashcroft, WILLIAM

World Wide Practical Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Methods

By H. C. "Slip" Slider

Borehole Images: Applications and Case Histories (Geological Society of London Special Publications)

By Lovell, M.A., etc., Williamson, Gail, Harvey, P.K.

Geophysical Exploration: Outline of the Principal Methods Used in the Search for Minerals, Oil, Gas and Water Supplies

By F W Dunning, Institute of Geological Sciences, Geological Museum

3D Seismic Technology: Application to the Exploration of Sedimentary Basins (Geological Society Memoir)

By Davies, R. J., Cartwright, J. A., Stewart, S. A., Lappin, M., Underhill, J. R.

Reservoir Quality Prediction in Sandstones and Carbonates (AAPG Memoirs)

By Kupecz, J.A., etc.

Applied Subsurface Geological Mapping with Structural Methods

By Tearpock, Daniel J., Bischke, Richard E.

Reservoir Characterization: Recent Advances (AAPG Memoirs)

By Schatzinger, Richard, Jordan, John

Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps (AAPG Treatise of Petroleum Geology, Handbook of Petroleum Geology S.)

By Beaumont, Edward A., Foster, Norman H.

Dictionary of Petroleum: Exploration, Drilling and Production

By Hyne, Norman

Hydrocarbon Exploration to Exploitation West of Shetlands (Geological Society of London Special Publications)

By Cannon, S. J. C., Ellis, D.

Exploration Seismology: Second Edition

By Sheriff, R

Well Testing: Interpretation Methods (Collection des Cours de l'ENSPM.)

By Bourdarot, Gilles, Balvet, Barbara Brown

Seismic Attributes for Prospect Identification and Reservoir Characterization (Seg Geophysical Developments)

By Satinder Chopra (author) &amp, Kurt J. Marfurt (author)

Integrated Reservoir Studies

By Consentino, Luca

Log Data Acquisition and Quality Control

By Theys, Philippe

Shallow Refraction Seismics

By B. Sjogren

Painfully Rich: Fourteen Heirs of John Paul Getty