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Modernising India: From Ox-plough to Satellite Dish (Understanding Global Issues)

By Richard Buckley

Quality Issues in Heritage Visitor Attractions

By Ian Yeoman, Yeoman, Ian, Drummond, Siobhan

Manual of Travel Agency Practice

By Jane Archer

Beating Stress at Work (Life Quality Management S.)

By Anne Woodham, Woodham, Anne

Tax Planning for Farm and Land Diversification

By Julie M. Butler

Alternative Currency Movements as a Challenge to Globalization?: A Case Study of Manchester's Local Currency Networks (Economic Geography) (Economic Geography S.)

By Peter North

The Human Contribution: Unsafe Acts, Accidents and Heroic Recoveries

By James Reason

The Big Three in Economics: Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and John Maynard Keynes

By Mark Skousen

Breaking Free: A Prescription for Personal and Organizational Change: A Prescription for Personal and Organisational Change (Jossey-Bass Business & Management)

By David M. Noer

Biological Nitrogen Fixation for Sustainable Agriculture: Extended versions of papers presented in the Symposium, Role of Biological Nitrogen Fixation ... (Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences)

Economic Instruments for Air Pollution Control (Economy & Environment)

Applications of Systems Approaches at the Farm and Regional Levels: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Systems Approaches for ... for Sustainable Agricultural Development)

The Future of the Dollar (Cornell Studies in Money)

By Eric Helleiner, Jonathan Kirshner

Kremlin Capitalism: Privatizing the Russian Economy (ILR Press Books)

By Joseph R. Blasi

The German Democratic Republic (Integration and Community Building in Eastern Europe)

By Professor Arthur M. Hanhardt

Agricultural Development in the Third World (The Johns Hopkins Studies in Development)

The Green Revolution Reconsidered: The Impact of High-Yielding Rice Varieties in South India (International Food Policy Research Institute)

By Professor Peter B. R. Hazell

Agricultural Science Policy: Changing Global Agendas (International Food Policy Research Institute)

Fate Worse Than Debt

By S George

Organizations Evolving

By Howard Aldrich, Aldrich, Howard

The End of Globalization: Why Global Strategy is a Myth and How to Profit from the Realities of Regional Markers

By Alan M. Rugman

The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism

By Michael Novak, Novak, Michael

Intellectual Property Rights (Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development)

By Uma Lele, William H. Lesser, Ges Horstkotte-Wesseler

Controlling East-West Trade and Technology Transfer: Power, Politics and Policies

The Development of Sustainable Tourism

By Lars Aronsson

The Threat of Globalism (Race & Class)

Costing the Earth

Mali: A prospect of peace?: A Prospect for Peace? (Oxfam Country Profiles)

By Rheal Drisdelle

Senegal: A state of change (Oxfam Country Profiles)

By Robin Sharp, Sharp, Robin

Back from the Brink: 1,000 Days at Number 11

By Alistair Darling