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Egyptian Archaeology

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The Riddle of the Pyramids

By Mendelssohn, Kurt

1 available

The Great Pyramid: Its Secrets and Mysteries Revealed

By Smyth, P.

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Activity, Diet and Social Practice: Addressing Everyday Life in Human Skeletal Remains (Bioarchaeology and Social Theory)

By Schrader, Sarah

The British Museum Book of Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Coloured Hieroglyphs from The British Museum

By NEAL SPENCER, Claire Thorne

Heritage in Action: Making the Past in the Present

By Silverman, Helaine, Waterton, Emma, Watson, Steve

Egyptian Magic (Arkana S.)

By Budge, E.

The British Museum Pocket Dictionary Heroes & Heroines of Ancient Greece (British Museum Pocket Dictionaries)

By Richard Woff

The Ill-Made Knight: ‘The master of historical fiction’ SUNDAY TIMES (Chivalry)

By Cameron, Christian

Egyptian Art: In the Days of the Pharaohs 3100-320 BC (World of Art)

By Cyril Aldred

The Penguin Guide to Ancient Egypt (A Penguin Handbook)

By Murnane, William J.

Ancient Cities: The Archaeology of Urban Life in the Ancient Near East and Egypt, Greece and Rome

By Gates, Charles

Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt

By James H. Breasted, John A. Wilson

Cracking the Code: The Rosetta Stone

By Parkinson, Richard

Ancient Egypt: Art, Architecture and History (Art, Architechture and History)

By Francesco Tiradritti

The Find of a Lifetime: Sir Arthur Evans and the Discovery of Knossos

By Horwitz, Sylvia L.

Health and Medicine in Ancient Egypt: Magic and science (1967) (British Archaeological Reports International Series)

By da Silva Veiga, Paula Alexandra

Ancient Egypt and Modern Psychotherapy: Sacred Science and the Search for Soul

By Hayen, Todd

The Pharaoh: Life at Court and on Campaign

By Garry J. Shaw

An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

By Bard, Kathryn A.

The Archaeology of Early Egypt: Social Transformations in North-East Africa, 10,000 to 2,650 BC: Social Transformations in North-East Africa, c.10,000 to 2,650 BC (Cambridge World Archaeology)

By Wengrow, David

The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt

By Richard H. Wilkinson

From the Pyramids to Tutankhamun: Memoirs of an Egyptological Life

By Edwards, I.E.S.

Life in Egypt under Roman Rule: 1 (Classics in Papyrology)

By Lewis, Naphtali

Mummies Disease & Anc Cultures 2ed

By Cockburn, Thomas Aidan

An Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Laws and Punishments

By Atkinson, B A

Ancient Records of Egypt: vol. 4: The Twentieth through the Twenty-sixth Dynasties

By James Henry Breasted

Hieroglyph Detective

By Strudwick, Nigel

Tutankhamen: The Politics of Discovery

By Carter, Howard

Valley of the Kings

By Romer, John

A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian: Volume 0 (Griffith Institute Publications)

By Faulkner, R.O.