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Made in Brunel 2010: 250 Innovative Ideas

By Ben Davey, Eleanor Rogers, Devraj Joshi, Clive Gee, Stephen Green, Paul Turnock

1 available

The New Goat Handbook (Pet Owner's Handbooks)

By Jaudas, Ulrich

1 available

Developing Technology with Farmers: A Trainer's Guide for Participatory Learning

By van Veldhuizen, Laurens, Waters-Bayer, Anne, de Zeeuw, Henk

1 available

Best Clematis

By Buczacki, Dr Stefan, Gardening, Amateur

1 available

Best Summer Flowering Shrubs ("Amateur Gardening" Guide # 10)

By Buczacki, Dr Stefan

1 available

Best Winter Plants

By Buczacki, Dr Stefan

1 available

Best Water Plants: No. 5 ("Amateur Gardening" Guide)

By Buczacki, Dr Stefan, Gardening, Amateur

1 available

City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction

By Macaulay, David

1 available

The Medium is the Massage

By McLuhan, Marshall, Fiore, Quentin

1 available

Basics of Environmental Science

By Allaby, Michael

1 available

Farm Workshop (Farming book series)

By Bell, Brian

1 available

How Is a Pencil Made? (Young Explorer: How Are Things Made?)

By Royston, Angela

1 available

China: The Next Decades

By Dwyer, Prof Denis

1 available

My Best Book Of Spaceships

By Graham, Ian

On The Move (Everyday Inventions)

By Bidder, Jane

Spacecraft (Mighty Machines)

By Hibbert

The Little Book of Aviation (Little Book Of... (History Press))

By Ferguson, Norman

Larousse Dictionary of Science and Technology

By Walker, Peter M.B.

Chemical Principles of Environmental Pollution, Second Edition

By Alloway, Brian, Ayres, David C.

Invention (Eyewitness)

By Lionel Bender

The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency: The classic guide for realists and dreamers

By Seymour, John, Sutherland, Will, Schumacher, E.F.


By Langley, Andrew


By Challoner, Jack

Castle (Eyewitness)

By Gravett, Christopher

Terror in the Tunnels: Britain’s Dangerous Railway History

By Matheson, Rosa

The Galloping Sausage and Other Train Curiosities: 150 Steam Railway Events and Stories

By Body

Encyclopedia of Modern British Army Regiments

By P. D. Griffin

Newnes Electronics Engineer's Pocket Book (Newnes Pocket Books)

By Brindley, Keith

Safety at Work

By Ridley, John R.

Fossil Fuels: 12 (Energy Forever?)

By Graham, Ian