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First Certificate Expert: Teacher's Resource Book

By Bell, Jan, Gower, Roger, Hyde, Drew

2 available

A Training Course for TEFL

By Hubbard, Peter

1 available

Going for Gold Intermediate Teacher's Book

By Newbrook, Jacky

1 available

Straightforward Advanced: Teacher's Book Pack

By Jim Scrivener, Celia Bingham

1 available

Business Builder Tea Res Mod 1-3: Module 1-3

By Emmerson, Paul

1 available

Blended Learning

By Pete Sharma & Barney Barrett

1 available

Reward Starter Resource Pack

By Greenall, Simon, Kay, Sue

Objective Proficiency Teacher's Book

By Capel, Annette, Sharp, Wendy

In Company Pre Intermediate Teachers Book

By Gomm, Helena

Laser Pre FCE Teacher's Book

By Chapman, JoAnne

Macmillan English Handwriting: Little Writers A

By Louis Fidge

Skillful Reading and Writing Teacher's Book + Digibook Level 3 (Skillful Upper Level 3)

By Dorothy E. Zemach

Busy Bee English 2 TB

By Kniveton, Julie

Skillful Listening and Speaking Teacher's Book + Digibook + Audio CD Level 3 (Skillful Upper Level 3)

By Dorothy E. Zemach

Inspiration 1 Builder: Teacher's Resource Pack

By Fish, Hannah, Bell, Jan

Skyline 3 Teachers Guide

By Carol Lethaby, Margarita Matte, Lethaby, Carol, Matte, Margarita

Reward Pre-Int TB Interleaved

By Greenall, Simon

Reward Pre-intermediate: Video Resource Pack

By Greenall, Simon

Reward Pre-Int Bus Res Pack

By Dummett, Paul, Benn, Colin, Greenall, Simon

Reward Pre-Int Resource Pack (Young Adult/Adult Courses)

By Greenall, Simon, Kay, Sue

Jump Aboard 3: Teacher's Book (Primary ELT Course for the Middle East)

By Richard Northcott, Dan DeCoursey, DeCoursey, Dan

Campaign 1: English for the military

By Simon Mellor-Clarke, Yvonne Baker de Altamirano

Fun for Flyers Teacher's Book with Audio (Cambridge English)

By Robinson, Anne, Saxby, Karen

Cambridge English Prepare! Level 3 Teacher's Book with DVD and Teacher's Resources Online

By Rimmer, Wayne, Capel, Annette

Big Bugs 2 Teacher's Book International (Bugs International S.)

By Papiol, Elisenda, Toth, Maria

Reward Int TB Interleaved (Young Adult/Adult Courses)

By Simon Greenall, Greenall, Simon

Reward Int Teachers Notes

By Greenall, Simon

Reward Upp-Int TB Interleaved

By Simon Greenall, Greenall, Simon

Reward Int Bus Res Pack

By Riley, David, Greenall, Simon

Headway Academic Skills 3: Teacher's Guide (New Headway)

By Philpot and Leslie Curnick, Sarah