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Environmental Civil Engineering

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Silent Spring: Rachel Carson (Penguin Modern Classics)

By Carson, Rachel, Shackleton

1 available

Lake Kivu: Limnology and biogeochemistry of a tropical great lake: 5 (Aquatic Ecology Series)

By Descy, Jean-Pierre, Darchambeau, Francois, Schmid, Martin

1 available

Into Harmony with the Planet: The Delicate Balance Between Industry and the Environment

By Allaby, Michael

1 available

Managing Environmental Pollution (Routledge Environmental Management)

By Farmer, Andrew

1 available

Permaculture in a Nutshell: 1

By Patrick Whitefield, Jonathon Porritt

1 available

Basics of Environmental Science

By Allaby, Michael

1 available

Woodland Habitats (Habitat Guides)

By Frater, Mark

1 available

Narrative by Numbers: How to Tell Powerful and Purposeful Stories with Data

By Knowles, Sam

Health, Safety and Risk: Looking after each other at school and in the world of work

By Warren, Dorothy, Pack, Maria J

Green Chemistry: A teaching resource

By Warren, Dorothy, Pack, Maria J

Feedstock Recycling of Plastic Wastes (RSC Clean Technology Monographs)

By Aguado, Jose, Serrano, David P, Clark, James H

Implementing Environmental Management

By Shillito, David

Remedial Processes for Contaminated Land

By Malcolm Pratt, Malcolm Pratt

Dust and Fume Control: A User Guide

By Dana M. Muir, Dana M. Muir

Good Statistical Practice for Natural Resources Research

By Stern, R. D., Coe, R., Allan, E., Dale, Ian

Modelling Soil-biosphere Interactions (Cabi Publishing)

By Müller, Christoph

Development Research: The Environmental Challenge

By Winpenny, J.T.

Handbook of Chemical Property Estimation Methods: Environmental Behaviour of Organic Compounds

By Lyman, Warren J., Reehl, William F., Rosenblatt, David H.

Strategies for Theory Construction in Nursing

By Walker, Lorraine Olszewski, Avant, Kay Coalson

Gone to Ground: A History of Environment and Infrastructure in Dar es Salaam (Intersections)

By Brownell, Emily

Quantitative Geography: Perspectives on Spatial Data Analysis

By A Fotheringham, Chris Brunsdon, Martin Charlton

New Aspects of Quantity Surveying Practice

By Cartlidge, Duncan

Structural Engineer's Pocket Book, 2nd Edition: British Standards Edition

By Cobb, Fiona

The Great Stink of London: Sir Joseph Bazalgette and the Cleansing of the Victorian Metropolis

By Stephen Halliday

Essential Science: Alternative Energy

By Walisiewicz, Marek

Foundations of Engineering Geology

By Waltham, A C, A. C.

Chemical Principles of Environmental Pollution, Second Edition

By Alloway, Brian, Ayres, David C.

Raised Field Technology: Reintroduction to Lost Technology around Lake Titicaca (King's SOAS Studies in Development Geography)

By Morris, Arthur

Case Studies in Infectious Disease

By Lydyard, Peter, Cole, Michael, Holton, John, Irving, Will, Porakishvili, Nino, Venkatesan, Pradhib, Ward, Kate

Ecosystem Change and Public Health: A Global Perspective

By Aron PhD, Joan L., Patz MD MPH, Jonathan A.