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Environmental Engineering

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Managing Environmental Pollution (Routledge Environmental Management)

By Farmer, Andrew

1 available

Woodland Habitats (Habitat Guides)

By Frater, Mark

1 available

Basics of Environmental Science

By Allaby, Michael

1 available

Essentials of Environmental Public Health Science: A Handbook for Field Professionals

By Bradley, Naima, Harrison, Henrietta, Hodgson, Greg, Kamanyire, Robie, Kibble, Andrew, Murray, Virginia

Application of Soil Physics in Environmental Analyses: Measuring, Modelling and Data Integration (Progress in Soil Science)

By Teixeira, Wenceslau Geraldes, Ceddia, Marcos Bacis, Ottoni, Marta Vasconcelos, Donnagema, Guilheme Kangussu

Bioremediation Technology: Recent Advances

By Fulekar, M. H.

Water Management and Public Participation: Case Studies from the Yamuna River Basin, India: 16 (SpringerBriefs in Earth Sciences, 16)

By Upadhyay, Alka

Monitoring and Modelling Lakes and Coastal Environments

By Mohanty, Pratap K.

Drought Assessment

By Nagarajan, R.

The Science of Clays: Applications in Industry, Engineering, and Environment

By Mukherjee, Swapna

Bottom Soils, Sediment, and Pond Aquaculture (Plant & Animal)

By Boyd, Claude E.

Environmental Management for Aquaculture: 2 (Aquaculture Series, 2)

By Midlen, A., Redding, Theresa

Coping with Water Deficiency: From Research to Policymaking: 48 (Environment & Policy, 48)

By Koundouri, Phoebe

Integrated Governance and Water Basin Management: Conditions for Regime Change and Sustainability: 41 (Environment & Policy, 41)

By Kuks, Stefan, Bressers, Hans

Hurricanes and Climate Change (Aegean Conferences)

By Elsner, James B., Jagger, Thomas H.

The Water, Energy, and Food Security Nexus in the Arab Region (Water Security in a New World)

By Amer, Kamel, Adeel, Zafar, Boer, Benno, Saleh, Walid

Principles of Ecosystem Stewardship: Resilience-Based Natural Resource Management in a Changing World

By Chapin III, F Stuart, Kofinas, Gary P., Folke, Carl, Chapin, M.C.

Advanced Numerical Modeling and Data Assimilation Techniques for Tropical Cyclone Predictions

By Mohanty, U.C., Gopalakrishnan, Sundararaman.G.

Upscaling Multiphase Flow in Porous Media: From Pore to Core and Beyond

By Das, D.B., Hassanizadeh, S.M.

Advances in Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

By Goel, Sudha

Ecosystem Services of Headwater Catchments

By Krecek, Josef, Haigh, Martin, Hofer, Thomas, Kubin, Eero, Promper, Catrin

Waste Treatment and Disposal

By Williams, Paul T.

Adapting to an Uncertain Climate: Lessons From Practice

By Capela Lourenço, Tiago, Rovisco, Ana, Groot, Annemarie, Nilsson, Carin, Füssel, Hans-Martin, Van Bree, Leendert, Street, Roger B.

Vulnerability of Agriculture, Water and Fisheries to Climate Change: Toward Sustainable Adaptation Strategies

By Behnassi, Mohamed, Syomiti Muteng'e, Margaret, Ramachandran, Gopichandran, Shelat, Kirit N.

Drinking Water Treatment: Focusing on Appropriate Technology and Sustainability (Strategies for Sustainability)

By Ray, Chittaranjan, Jain, Ravi

Sustainable Water Management in Urban Environments: 47 (The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, 47)

By Younos, Tamim, Parece, Tammy E.

The Atlas of Climate Change: Based on SEAP-CMIP5: Super-Ensemble Projection and Attribution (SEAP) of Climate Change (Springer Earth System Sciences)

By Dong, Wenjie, Ren, Fumin, Huang, Jianbin, Guo, Yan

Biosensors for Security and Bioterrorism Applications (Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications)

By Nikolelis, Dimitrios P., Nikoleli, Georgia-Paraskevi

Control and Decision Strategies in Wastewater Treatment Plants for Operation Improvement: 86 (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, 86)

By Santin, Ignacio, Pedret, Carles, Vilanova, Ramon

Emerging Energetic Materials: Synthesis, Physicochemical, and Detonation Properties

By Viswanath, Dabir S., Ghosh, Tushar K., Boddu, Veera M.