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Look Inside: A Shakespearean Theatre

By Peter Chrisp, Chrisp, Peter, Hook, Adam

Devizes (Tempus History & Guide)

By Lorna Haycock

Ironbridge History & Guide (Tempus History & Guide)

By Hayman

Sherbourne and Milbourne Port (Archive Photographs)

By Richard Brewer

Invasion (HB)

By Dan Cruickshank, Dan, Cruickshank

Castle: A History of the Buildings that Shaped Medieval Britain

By Marc Morris, Morris, Marc

VICTORIANS 1st Edition - Cased (Eyewitness Guides)

By Ann Krammer, Krammer, Ann

The West at War

By Nick Maddocks

Stephen and Matilda: The Civil War Of 1139-53

By Jim Bradbury

Hitler's Holocaust

By Guido Knopp

Victorian Things (Sutton History Classics)

By Asa Briggs

Colonel Blood: The Man Who Stole the Crown Jewels

By David C. Hanrahan

The Sickly Stuarts

By Frederick Holmes

The Greatest Storm

By Martin Brayne

News from the Front: War Correspondents on the Western Front: 1914-1918

By Martin Farrar

Will the Bolsheviks Maintain Power? (The workers' library)

By V.I. Lenin

Canterbury Revisited in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)

By Derek Butler

The Battle of Hastings

By Jim Bradbury

Letters of a Victorian Army Officer: Edward Wellesley, 1840-54

By Edward Wellesley

Our Wartime Days: The WAAF in World War II (Aviation)

By Squadron Leader Beryl E. Escott

Canterbury in Old Photographs: A Second Selection (Britain in Old Photographs)

By Derek Butler

The Politics of Marriage: Henry VIII and His Queens (History/16th/17th Century History)

By D. M. Loades

France (Unpacked)

By Clive Gifford

The Victorians

By Tim Cooke, Cooke, Tim

The Vikings (At Home With)

By Tim Cooke, Cooke, Tim

Victorian Life: Clothes

By Liz Gogerly, Gogerly, Liz

Discover Countries: The EU Countries

By Rob Bowden, Bowden, Rob

The History Detective Investigates: The Industrial Revolution

By Peter Hicks

The Gruesome Truth About: The Victorians

By Matt Buckingham

Clothes: 3 (Tudors And Stuarts)

By Peter Chrisp, P., Chrisp, Peter