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William Pitt the Younger: A Biography


1 available

Britain Before the Reform Acts: Politics & Society 1815-1832: Politics and Society, 1815-1832 (Seminar Studies In History)

By Evans, Eric

2 available

New Public Administration in Britain

By Greenwood, John, Pyper, Robert

1 available

The Crisis Of Parliaments: English History, 1509-1660 (Short Oxford History of the Modern World)

By Russell, Conrad

1 available

Church and State in Modern Britain 1700-1850

By Brown, Richard

1 available

Sir Robert Peel: Statesmanship, Power and Party (Lancaster Pamphlets)

By Evans, Eric J.

1 available

Monarchy: From the Middle Ages to Modernity

By Starkey, David

1 available

Britain and Ireland: From Home Rule to Independence (Seminar Studies In History)

By Smith, Jeremy

1 available

The USSR in Third World Conflicts: Soviet Arms and Diplomacy in Local Wars 1945-1980

By Porter, Bruce D.

1 available

James I (Seminar Studies In History)

By Houston, S. J.

2 available

On the Crofter's Trail: In Search of the Clearance Highlanders

By Craig, David

1 available

Restoration England: Reign of Charles II (Seminar Studies in History)

By Miller, John

1 available

The Discourses (Pelican Classics, Ac14)

By Machiavelli, Niccolo

1 available

Radical Culture: Discourse, Resistance and Surveillance, 1790-1820

By Worrall, David

1 available

DC Confidential

By Meyer, Sir Christopher

1 available

Lord Palmerston

By Ridley Jasper, Ridley, Jasper

1 available

A World Restored: Europe after Napoleon

By Kissinger, H.A.

1 available

Heavenly Serbia: From Myth to Genocide

By Anzulovic, Branimir

1 available

The Evolution of the Welfare State

By Laybourn, Keith

1 available

The Age of Unease: Government and Reform in Britain, 1782-1832 (Sutton modern British history)

By Turner, Michael J.

1 available

Radicalism and Reform in Britain, 1780-1850

By J. R. Dinwiddy

1 available

Pillar of the Constitution: House of Lords in British Politics, 1603-1784

By Clyve Jones

1 available

Munich: From the Sunday Times bestselling author

By Harris, Robert

1 available

The Rebirth of History: Eastern Europe in the Age of Democracy

By Glenny, Misha

Cold War Europe, 1945-89: A Political History

By Young, John W.

The French Revolution: The Fall of the Ancien Regime to the Thermidorian Reaction, 1785-95 (Documents of Modern History)

By Hardman, John

John Major: Prime Minister

By The Press Association, Jenkin, John, Moncrieff, Chris

This Sovereign Isle: Britain In and Out of Europe

By Tombs, Robert

The French Revolution in Social and Political Perspective (Readers in History) (Arnold Readers in History)

By Peter Jones

Privilege and Protest 1730-1789 (Fontana History of Europe)

By Hufton, Olwen