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Ecological Impacts of Non-Native Invertebrates and Fungi on Terrestrial Ecosystems

By Langor, David, Sweeney, Jon

Identification Guide of Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of Spain

By Oscoz, Javier, Galicia, David, Miranda, Rafael

Experimental Metastasis: Modeling and Analysis

By Malek, Anastasia

A Roadmap to the Successful Development and Commercialization of Microbial Pest Control Products for Control of Arthropods: 10 (Progress in Biological Control, 10)

By Ravensberg, Willem J.

Vector Biology, Ecology and Control

By Atkinson, Peter W.

Arthropod Management in Vineyards:: Pests, Approaches, and Future Directions

By Bostanian, Noubar J., Vincent, Charles, Isaacs, Rufus

Ane's Encyclopedic Dictionary of General & Applied Entomology

By Dhooria, Manjit S

Field Manual of Techniques in Invertebrate Pathology: Application and Evaluation of Pathogens for Control of Insects and other Invertebrate Pests

By Lacey, Lawrence A., Kaya, Harry K.

Infrared spectra of mineral species: Extended library (Springer Geochemistry/Mineralogy)

By Chukanov, Nikita V.

PCR for Clinical Microbiology: An Australian and International Perspective

By Carter, Ian W.J., Schuller, Margret, James, Gregory S., Sloots, Theo P., Halliday, Catriona L.

Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do (Usborne Activities)

By Leonie Pratt, Rebecca Gilpin

Really Rotten Experiments (Horrible Science)

By Arnold, Nick, De Saulles, Tony

Measures of Genius: The scientists who gave their name to units of measure

By Durden, Alan R

Take Nobody's Word For IT(Pb)


Complete Advanced Level Mathematics - Statistics Core Book

By McGill, Fiona, McLennan, Stewart, Migliorini, Jane

Science Magic in the Living Room

By Robinson, Richard, Rowe, Alan

Sink or Float (Newbridge Big Books)

By Nayer, Judy

Science Magic in the Bedroom

By Robinson, Richard, Rowe, Alan

Science Magic in the Bathroom

By Robinson, Richard

What Does A Magnet Do? (Investigating Science)

By Bailey, Jacqui

Key Maths GCSE Statistics EDEXCEL Student Book

By Job, Barbara

Secondary Specials!

By Gillian Murphy

The Scientific American Book of Great Science Fair Projects

By Scientific American, Marc Rosner (Yonkers, New York)

Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life

By Czerski, Helen

Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers

By Andrew Rex, Stephen T. Thornton

DK Eyewonder: Human Body Paper

By Bingham, Caroline

Elephants on Acid: and Other Bizarre Experiments

By Boese, Alex

A Guide to Customary Weights and Measures

By Linacre, Vivian T.

The Mad Science Book: Experiments from the Wilder Side of Science

By Reto U. Schneider, Peter Lewis

Richard Hammond's Blast Lab

By Hammond, Richard