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Immunology of Fungal Infections

By Brown, Gordon D., Netea, Mihai G.

ABC of AIDS (ABC Series)

By Adler, Michael W.

AIDS Between Science and Politics

By Piot, Peter, Garey, Laurence

Infection and Immunity

By Playfair, John, Bancroft, Gregory

Microbiology and Immunology (Board Review Series)

By Johnson, Arthur G., etc., Zeigler, Richard, Fitzgerald, Thomas J., Lukasewycz, Omelan, Hawley, Louise

Understanding Disease: A Health Practitioner's Handbook

By John Ball MBBS, Misha Norland FSHom

Sars War: Combating The Disease

By Leung, Ping-chung, Ooi, Eng Eong

Mechanisms of Microbial Disease

By Schaechter, Moselio

Laboratory-acquired Infections: History, Incidence, Causes and Prevention

By Collins, C.H.

Microbiology in Clinical Practice

By Shanson, D. C.

Malaria: Waiting for the Vaccine (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Annual Fora)

By Targett, G. A. T.

PCR for Clinical Microbiology: An Australian and International Perspective

By Carter, Ian W.J., Schuller, Margret, James, Gregory S., Sloots, Theo P., Halliday, Catriona L.

Vector Biology, Ecology and Control

By Atkinson, Peter W.

New Insights in Medical Mycology

By Kavanagh, Kevin

Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever: A Global Perspective

By Ergonul, Onder, Whitehouse, Chris A.

Aspergillosis: from diagnosis to prevention

By Comarú Pasqualotto, Alessandro

The Infectious Microbe

By Firshein, Bill

Challenge *Pb (Horizons)

By Edwards

The Pull of the Stars

By Donoghue, Emma

AIDS Activism, Science and Community Across Three Continents: 1 (Social Aspects of HIV, 1)

By Lorway, Robert

Psychiatry of Pandemics: A Mental Health Response to Infection Outbreak

By Huremović, Damir

Mathematical and Statistical Modeling for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases

By Chowell, Gerardo, Hyman, James M.

Pulmonary Infection: 857 (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 857)

By Pokorski, Mieczyslaw

Challenging Concepts in Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology: Cases with Expert Commentary

By Arnold, Amber, Griffin, George

Gender Policy and HIV in China: Catalyzing Policy Change: 22 (The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis, 22)

By Tucker, Joseph, Poston Jr., Dudley L., Ren, Qiang, Gu, Baochang, Zheng, Xiaoying, Wang, Stephanie, Russell, Chris

Early, rapid and sensitive veterinary molecular diagnostics - real time PCR applications

By Pestana, Erika, Belak, Sandor, Diallo, Adama, Crowther, John R., Viljoen, Gerrit J.

Preventive Dermatology

By Norman, Robert A.

New Directions in Sexual Ethics: Moral Theology and the Challenge of AIDS

By Kelly, Kevin T.

Specialist Training in Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV, 1e

By Clutterbuck MD, Daniel J

Viral Proteases and Antiviral Protease Inhibitor Therapy: Proteases in Biology and Disease: 8

By Lendeckel, Uwe, Hooper, Nigel M.