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Endangered Children: Homicide and Other Crimes, Second Edition

By Lita Linzer Schwartz, Natalie K. Isser

Caring for Children

By Patricia Geraghty, Maureen O'Hagan

The ADHD Handbook: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

By Alison Munden, Jon Arcelus

The Newborn Handbook: Your Guide to Bringing Home Baby

By Dr Smita Malhotra

Dyspraxia 5-14: Identifying and Supporting Young People with Movement Difficulties

By Christine Macintyre

The Manufacture and Use of the Functional Foot Orthosis

By R.J. Anthony

Occupational Therapy in Childhood

By Chia Hong, Lynne Howard

Occupational Therapy for Children

By Jane Case-Smith



A Therapist's Guide to Paediatric Assessment

By L.King- Thomas, B.J. Hacker

Handling the Young Child with Cerebral Palsy at Home

By Nancie Ruth Finnie

Paediatric Developmental Therapy

By Sophie Levitt

Toxic Childhood Stress: The Legacy of Early Trauma and How to Heal

By Dr Nadine Burke Harris

EMDR and the Art of Psychotherapy with Children: Treatment Manual

By Robbie Adler-Tapia, Carolyn Settle

When a Child Has Cancer

By Ann Faulkner, Gillian Peace, Catherine O'Keeffe

Pediatric Physical Therapy

By Jan Stephen Tecklin

Play in Occupational Therapy for Children

By L. Diane Parham, Linda S. Fazio (Professor, Department of OT, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Examination of the Newborn: A Practical Guide

By Helen Baston (University of Sheffield, UK), Heather Durward

Heart Disease in Paediatrics

By S.C. Jordan, Olive Scott, L.M. Gerlis

Review of Laboratory Medicine

By John Stirling Meyer, L.S. Steinberg

Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care

By Henry L. Halliday, Garth McLure, Mark Reid

BNF for Children 2020-2021

By Paediatric Formulary Committee

The Sick Newborn Baby

By Christopher J. H. Kelnar, David R. Harvey, Harvey

Paediatric Handbook

Handbook for Treatment of Attachment Problems in Children

By Beverly James

Pediatrics: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review

By Robert Yetman, Mark Hormann

Pocket Book of Paediatric Antimicrobial Therapy: 1998-99

By John D. Nelson

Autism and Play

By Lone Gammeltoft, Jannik Beyer

Nutrition in Early Life

By Jane B. Morgan (University of Surrey, Guildford, UK), John W. T. Dickerson (University of Surrey

Diagnosis and Treatment in Clinical Child Psychiatry

By E.A. Frommer