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The Brain Atlas: A Visual Guide to the Human Central Nervous System, 2nd Edition

By Thomas A. Woolsey, Joseph Hanaway, Mokhtar H. Gado

Understanding Clinical Papers

By Bowers, David, House, Allan, Owens, David

Diabetes in Practice

By Connor, Henry, Boulton, Andrew

Microalbuminuria: Biochemistry, Epidemiology and Clinical Practice

By Winocour, Peter H., Marshall, Sally M.

Treating Postnatal Depression: A Psychological Approach for Health Care Practitioners

By Milgrom, Jeannette

Counselling Patients with Cancer

By Burton, Mary

The Rising Trends in Asthma (Novartis Foundation Symposia)

By Chadwick, Derek J., Cardew, Gail

Hughes' Outline of Modern Psychiatry

By Barraclough, Jennifer, Gill, David

Research in Health Care: Practical Approach to the Design, Conduct and Interpretation of Health Services Research

By K. Crombie, I.

Depression and Physical Illness (Perspectives in Psychiatry)

By Robertson, Mary, Katona, Cornelius L. E.

Discovering New Medicines: Careers in Pharmaceutical Research and Development

By Stonier, Peter D.

Families Coping with Schizophrenia: A Practitioner's Guide to Family Groups

By Atkinson, Jacqueline M., Coia, Denise A.

Strategic Issues in Health Care Management

By Malek, M., Rasquinha, J., Vacani, P.

Regulating British Medicine: General Medical Council

By Stacey, Margaret

Long-term Treatment of Depression (Perspectives in Psychiatry)

By Montgomery, Stuart A., Rouillon, F.

Diagnosis of Depression: 2 (Perspectives in Psychiatry)

By Feighner, J. P., Boyer, W. F.

IgE, Mast Cells and the Allergic Response: Symposium Proceedings (Novartis Foundation Symposia)

By Chadwick, Derek J., Evered, David, Whelan, Julie

The Psychology of Criminal Conduct: Theory, Research and Practice (Wiley Series in Clinical Psychology)

By Blackburn, Ronald

Immunology: A Short Course

By Benjamini, Eli, Leskowitz, Sidney

Osteoporosis: Prevention, Management, Treatment

By McIlwain, Harris H., Bruce, Debra Fulghum, Silverfield, Joel C., Burnette, Michael C.

Behavioural Science (National Medicine Series)


Obstetrics in Outline (A Wiley medical publication)

By Read, MD

Paediatric Perspectives on Epilepsy: 1984 (Wiley Medical Publication)

By Euan Ross, Edward Reynolds

An Outline of Modern Psychiatry

By Hughes, Jennifer

Philosophical Medical Ethics (A Wiley Medical Publication)

By Gillon, Raanan

Measuring Health: Practical Approach

By Teeling Smith, George

Changing Ideas in Health Care (Wiley Medical Publications)

By David Seedhouse, Cribb, Alan

Ethics: The Heart of Health Care (Wiley Medical Publication)

By Seedhouse, Dr. David

A Laboratory Manual for Legionella

By Harrison, T. G., Taylor, A. G.

101 Slide Tests for the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians

By Brown, J. L., Hansell, David M.