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The Singing Sack: 28 Song-stories from Around the World (Music Series)

By East, Helen

On the Come Up: Angie Thomas

By Thomas, Angie

Mr Majeika And the Music Teacher (Kestrel kites)

By Carpenter, Humphrey

Goth Girl and the Sinister Symphony: 4 (Goth Girl, 4)

By Riddell, Chris

Princess Grace and the Golden Nightingale: Book 22 (The Tiara Club)

By French, Vivian, Gibb, Sarah

Musical Chairs

By Richardson, Jean

Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay: Songs For everyone

By Harrop, Beatrice, Gadsby, David, Cheese, Bernard, Collins Music

Piano Lessons Can Be Murder (Goosebumps)

By Stine, R L

Disney "High School Musical" Book of the Film (Disney Book of the Film)

By Grace, N.B., Peter Barsocchini

Silent Night (Board Sound Books)

By Ryder, S.

Dem Bones (Viking Kestrel picture books)

By Bob, Barner

Solo Star (Fame School)

By Jefferies, Cindy

Verse of Valor, Volume 2 (Blue Time)

By Maloney, Andrew

Michael Finnigan, Tap Your Chinigin: Developing Music Skills with New Songs from Old Favourites (Classroom Music) (Songbooks)

By Nicholls, Sue, Roberts, Sheena, Breeze, Lynn, Collins Music

Music Express: Year 3: Lesson Plans, Recordings, Activities and Photocopiables (Music Express)

By Maureen Hanke, Helen MacGregor, Hanke, Maureen, MacGregor, Helen, Haward, Emily, Collins Music

Music Express: Year 6: Lesson Plans, Recordings, Activities and Photocopiables (Music Express)

By Chadwick, Stephen, Sanderson, Ana, Hanke, Maureen, Haward, Emily, MacGregor, Helen, Roberts, Sheena, Collins Music

Rock War

By Robert Muchamore

The Hunger Games Tribute Guide (Hunger Games Trilogy)

By Scholastic

Tom fletcher collection 4 books set (christmasaurus musical edition [hardcover], creakers, christmasaurus, brain freeze)

By Tom Fletcher

The Threes – Three Tapping Teddies: Musical stories and chants for the very young

By Umansky, Kaye, Collins Music, Sanderson, Ana, Roberts, Sheena, Pierce, Martin

Rivals (Fame School)

By Cindy Jefferies

Rainbow Recorder Course Starter Book Level 3 Cassette

By Graham Greene, Mark Mortimer

Kiss of Death (Morganville Vampires, Book 8)

By Rachel Caine

Generation Next: The Takeover

By Oli White, White, Oli

Material World: A Cross-curricular Science Song by Suzy Davies (Songsheets): A cross-curricular song by Suzy Davies

By Davies, Suzy, Collins Music

Diary of a Trainee Rock God (FYI: Fiction with Stacks of Facts) (9 to 12)

By Meres, Jonathan, McDonald, JAKe

The Animal's Christmas Carol

By Ward, Helen, Ward, Helen

Kick Back

By French, Vivian, Abrams, JAKe

Discovering Those Musical, Suit Wearing Bugs From Times Past

By Jody Cauduro

Melodie The Music Fairy: The Party Fairies Book 2 (Rainbow Magic)

By Meadows, Daisy, Ripper, Georgie