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The Claverings (World's Classics)

By Trollope, Anthony, Skilton, David

The Mayor of Casterbridge (World's Classics S.)

By Hardy, Thomas, Kramer, Dale

Candide (World's Classics S.)

By Voltaire, Pearson, Roger, Pearson, Roger

Doctor Jekyll and Mr.Hyde (World's Classics S.)

By Stevenson, Robert Louis, Letley, Emma

An Anthology of Elizabethan Prose Fiction (World's Classics S.)

By Salzman, Dr Paul

Mary Barton (World's Classics S.)

By Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, Wright, Edgar

Gulliver's Travels (World's Classics S.)

By Swift, Jonathan, Turner, Paul

Sartor Resartus (World's Classics S.)

By Carlyle, Thomas, McSweeney, Kerry, Sabor, Peter

Middlemarch (World's Classics S.)

By Eliot, George, Carroll, David, Carroll, David

Rob Roy (Oxford World's Classics)

By Scott, Walter, Duncan, Ian

Felix Holt, the Radical (World's Classics S.)

By Eliot, George, Thomson, Frederick C.

Armadale (World's Classics S.)

By Collins, Wilkie, Peters, Catherine

Jacob's Room (World's Classics)

By Woolf, Virginia, Flint, Kate

The Three Clerks (World's Classics S.)

By Trollope, Anthony, Handley, Graham

The Voyage Out (World's Classics)

By Woolf, Virginia, Sage, Lorna

The Devils (World's Classics)

By Dostoevsky, F. M., Katz, Michael R.

Love's Labour's Lost (Oxford Shakespeare)

By Shakespeare, WILLIAM, Hibbard, G. R.

The Oxford Book of Short Stories (Oxford paperbacks)

By Pritchett, V.S. ed., Pritchett, V. S.

Don Juan (World's Classics S.)

By Moliere, Maclean, Ian, Maclean, Ian, Gravely, George

Lady Anna (World's Classics S.)

By Trollope, Anthony, Orgel, Stephen

"A Woman's Kingdom and Other Stories (World's Classics S.)

By Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, Hingley, Ronald, Hingley, R.

Fathers and Sons (World's Classics S.)

By Turgenev, Ivan, Freeborn, Richard, Freeborn, Richard

The Dead Secret (World's Classics)

By Collins, Wilkie, Nadel, Ira B.

A Story of the Household and the Desert (Oxford Popular Fiction)

By Ouida, Ouida, Sutherland, J. A.

Wuthering Heights (World's Classics)

By Emily Bronte, Ian Jack, Patsy Stoneman

The Return of Sherlock Holmes (World's Classics)

By Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, Green, Richard Lancelyn

Sister's Choice: Tradition and Change in American Women's Writing (Clarendon Lectures)

By Showalter, Elaine

The Monk (World's Classics)

By Lewis, Matthew, McEvoy, Emma

Martin Chuzzlewit (World's classics)

By Dickens, Charles, Cardwell, Margaret

The Mysteries of Udolpho (Oxford World's Classics)

By Radcliffe, Ann, Dobrée, Bonamy, Castle, Terry