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Forensic Medicine

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Pollution Prevention Pays

By Royston, Michael G.

King Death: The Black Death And Its Aftermath In Late-Medieval England

By Platt, Colin

The COVID-19 Catastrophe: What's Gone Wrong and How To Stop It Happening Again, 2nd Edition

By Horton, Richard

Challenges in Forensic Psychapy: 5 (Forensic Focus)

By Hjalmar van Marle

Forensic Psychapy: Crime, Psychodynamics and the Offender Patient (Forensic Focus)

By Christopher Cordess and Murray Cox

Controlling Disease Due to Helminth Infections

By Crompton, D.W.T., Montresor, A., Nesheim, Malden C., Savioli, L.

Freshwater Snails Of Africa And Their Medical Importance

By Brown, David S

Vasculitis in Clinical Practice

By Watts, Richard A., Scott, David G. I., Mukhtyar, Chetan

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault: A Forensic Handbook

By Lebeau, Marc A., Mozayani, Ashraf

Picking Up The Pieces

By Britton, Paul

The Medico-Legal Back: An Illustrated Guide

By Dickson, Robert A., Butt, W. Paul

No Matter Where the Journey Takes Me: One Man’s Quest for a Leprosy-Free World

By Sasakawa, Yohei, Muroji, Rei

Progress Report on the Global Response to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic, 2003: Follow-Up to the 2001 United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS

By Joint United Nations Programme on HIV AIDS

Wisdom of Whores

By Pisani, Elizabeth

The Cruellest Miles: The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against an Epidemic

By Salisbury, Gay, Laney

Animal Viruses and Humans, a Narrow Divide: How Lethal Zoonotic Viruses Spill Over and Threaten Us

By Warren Andiman

Humanity's Burden: A Global History of Malaria (Studies in Environment and History)

By Jr, James L. A. Webb

Textbook on Medical Law (Textbook S.)

By Davies, Michael

Rheumatism in Populations

By Lawrence, J. S.

Forensic Psychology (Macmillan Insights in Psychology series)

By Scott, Adrian J.

Forensic Gynaecology: Towards Better Care of the Female Victim of Sexual Assault (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Advanced Skills)

By Edited by Maureen Dalton

Clinical Evidence Concise : The International Source of the Best Available Evidence for Effective Health Care. 14, December 2005

By Tovey, David Charles Wilson, BMJ Publishing Group

Veterinary Oncology: A Short Textbook

By Klopfleisch, Robert

Forensic Medicine: Fundamentals and Perspectives

By Reinhard Dettmeyer, Marcel A. Verhoff, Harald F. Schütz

Forensische Osteologie: Problematische Fragestellungen

By Verhoff, Marcel A.

Black Death, 1347-1350 (Raintree: When Disaster Struck)

By Cath Senker

Dead Reckoning: The New Science of Catching Killers

By Dr Michael Baden, Marion Roach

OCR A2 Psychology Student Unit Guide: Unit G543: Forensic Psychology (Student Unit Guides)

By Middleton, Sarah, Clarke, David

Black Death 1347 (Raintree: When Disaster Struck)

By Cath Senker

The Black Death

By Ziegler, Philip