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Gardening Soil Science

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Soils, Vegetation, Ecosystems (Conceptual Frameworks in Geography)

By O'Hare, Prof Greg

1 available

East African Weeds and Their Control

By Ivens, G.W.

1 available

Farm Workshop (Farming book series)

By Bell, Brian

1 available

Tropical Soils and Fertiliser Use (Intermediate Tropical Agriculture S.)

By Ahn, Peter Martin

1 available

Sustainable land management: challenges, opportunities and trade-offs (Agriculture and Rural Development)

By World Bank

1 available

Lake Kivu: Limnology and biogeochemistry of a tropical great lake: 5 (Aquatic Ecology Series)

By Descy, Jean-Pierre, Darchambeau, Francois, Schmid, Martin

1 available

Farming the Black Earth: Sustainable and Climate-Smart Management of Chernozem Soils

By Boincean, Boris, Dent, David

Atlas of Trace Fossils in Well Core: Appearance, Taxonomy and Interpretation

By Knaust, Dirk

Principles of Tidal Sedimentology

By Davis Jr., Richard A., Dalrymple, Robert W.

Heavy Metals in Soils

By Alloway, B.J.

Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in Arid Environments: 13 (Environmental Pollution, 13)

By Han, Fengxiang X.

Long-term Environmental Change in Arctic and Antarctic Lakes: Volume 8 (Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research, 8)

By Pienitz, Reinhard, Douglas, Marianne S.V., Smol, John P.

Encyclopedia of Agrophysics (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series)

By Gliński, Jan, Horabik, Jozef, Lipiec, Jerzy, Blum, Winfried E. H., de Baerdemaeker, Josse, Finkl, Charles W., Horn, Rainer, Pachepsky, Yakov, Shein, Eugene V., Konstankiewicz, Krystyna, Grundas, Stanislaw

North Sea Oil and Gas Reservoirs ― III: Proceedings of the 3rd North Sea Oil and Gas Reservoirs Conference organized and hosted by the Norwegian ... Norway, November 30–December 2, 1992

By Aasen, J.O., Berg, E., Buller, A.T., Hjelmeland, O., Holt, R.M., Kleppe, J., Torsæter

Recent Advances in Nuclear Explosion Monitoring (Pageoph Topical Volumes)

By Becker, Andreas, Schurr, Bernd, Kalinowski, Martin, Koch, Karl, Brown, David

The Caledonide Geology of Scandinavia

By Gayer, R.A.

Analogue and Numerical Modelling of Sedimentary Systems: from Understanding to Prediction: From Understanding to Prediction: 40 (International Association Of Sedimentologists Series)

By de Boer, Poppe, Postma, George, van der Zwan, Kees, Burgess, Peter, Kukla

Integrated Regional Risk Assessment, Vol. I: Continuous and Non-Point Source Emissions: Air, Water, Soil: 4 (Environmental Science and Technology Library, 4)

By Gheorghe, A.V., Nicolet-Monnier, M.

Coping with Water Scarcity: Addressing the Challenges

By Santos Pereira, Luis, Cordery, Ian, Iacovides, Iacovos

Neritic Carbonate Sediments in a Temperate Realm: Southern Australia

By James, Noel P., Bone, Yvonne

Contaminated Rivers: A Geomorphological-Geochemical Approach to Site Assessment and Remediation

By Miller, Jerry R., Orbock Miller, Suzanne M.

Tidal Sedimentation of the Sunderban's Thakuran Basin (Springerbriefs in Earth Sciences)

By Das, Gautam Kumar

Soil Biological Communities and Ecosystem Resilience (Sustainability in Plant and Crop Protection)

By Lukac, Martin, Grenni, Paola, Gamboni, Mauro

Mitigation of Dangers from Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards: Prediction, Prevention, and Preparedness (SpringerBriefs in Environmental Science)

By Siegel, Frederic R.

Soil Carbon (Progress in Soil Science)

By Hartemink, Alfred E., McSweeney, Kevin

Applied Manure and Nutrient Chemistry for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment

By He, Zhongqi, Zhang, Hailin

Basin Analysis in Petroleum Exploration: A case study from the Békés Basin, Hungary: A Case Study from the Bekes Basin, Hungary

By Teleki, P.G., Mattick, R.E, Kókai, Janos

Petroleum Sedimentology

By Zimmerle, H.

Quantitative Stratigraphy: 1 (Quantitative Geology and Geostatistics, 1)

By Gradstein, F.M., Agterberg, F.P., Brower, J.C., Schwarzacher, W.S.

Soil: Reflections on the Basis of our Existence

By Wallander, Håkan