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Genetic Engineering Fiction

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Star Trek: The Fall: A Ceremony of Losses

By David Mack

1 available

Pawn Of Prophecy: Book One Of The Belgariad (The Belgariad (TW))

By Eddings, David

1 available

The Doctor: A gripping crime thriller from the international bestseller

By Stone, Lisa


Perfect People

By James, Peter

Germline: The Subterrene War: Book One

By T. C. McCarthy

Genesis Ii

By Adam, Paul

The Reality Dysfunction: Bk.1 (Night's Dawn Trilogy)

By Hamilton, Peter F.


By McCarthy, Cormac

The Third Twin: A Novel

By Follett, Ken

Infinite Ground

By MacInnes, Martin


By Crichton, Michael

This Is Just Exactly Like You

By Perry, Drew

A Separate Peace

By Knowles, John

When the Wind Blows

By Patterson, James

A Perfect Cornish Christmas: One of the most romantic and heartwarming bestselling books you’ll read in 2019

By Ashley, Phillipa

The Andromeda Evolution

By Crichton, Michael, Wilson, Daniel H.

Navigators of Dune: Volume 3 (The Great Schools of Dune)

By Herbert, Brian, Anderson, Kevin J.

Immortal Life: A Soon to Be True Story

By Bing, Stanley

Jurassic Park: A Novel: 1

By Crichton, Michael

A Second Chance at Eden

By Peter F. Hamilton

The Lost World: 2 (Jurassic Park)

By Crichton, Michael

Project 863 Journal

By Four, Subject

The Periodic Table (Everyman's Library CLASSICS)

By Levi, Primo


By O'Sullivan, Ronnie

The Unexpected Consequences Of Iron Overload: A Paranormal, Romantic, Spoof Thriller

By Minter, James

Shadow Of The Hegemon: Book 2 of The Shadow Saga

By Card, Orson Scott


By Macleod, Ken

Keeping Mum: What if telling lies is the best way to be true?

By The Dark Angels

The Phoenix Project: A Novel about It, Devops, and Helping Your Business Win

By Gene Kim, Kevin Behr