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Basement Tectonics 11 Europe and Other Regions: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Basement Tectonics, held in Potsdam, Germany, ... Conferences on Basement Tectonics, 5)

By Oncken, O., Janssen, C.

Migration of Geophysical Data

By Robinson, Enders A.

Surge Tectonics: A New Hypothesis of Global Geodynamics: 9 (Solid Earth Sciences Library, 9)

By Meyerhoff, Arthur A., Taner, I., Morris, A.E.L., Agocs, W.B., Kamen-Kaye, M., Bhat, Mohammad I., Smoot, N. Christian, Choi, Dong R., Meyerhoff Hull, Donna

Handbook of Terrestrial Heat-Flow Density Determination: with Guidelines and Recommendations of the International Heat Flow Commission: 4 (Solid Earth Sciences Library, 4)

By HAENEL, R., Stegena, L., Rybach, Ladislaus

Advances in Fission-Track Geochronology: 10 (Solid Earth Sciences Library, 10)

By van den Haute, P., De Corte, Frans

Ocean Dynamics

By Olbers, Dirk, Willebrand, Jurgen, Eden, Carsten

History, Exploration & Exploitation of Oil and Gas (Historical Geography and Geosciences)

By Figueirôa, Silvia Fernanda, Good, Gregory A., Peyerl, Drielli

Tsunami Hazard: A Practical Guide for Tsunami Hazard Reduction

By Bernard, E.N.

Angular Momentum in Geophysical Turbulence: Continuum Spatial Averaging Method

By Nikolaevskiy, Victor N.

Natural Hazards: State-of-the-Art at the End of the Second Millennium

By Papadopoulos, Gerassimos A., Murty, Tad S., Venkatesh, Srinivasan, Blong, R.

Applied High-Resolution Geophysical Methods: Offshore Geoengineering Hazards

By Trabant, P.K.

Data-Driven Numerical Modelling in Geodynamics: Methods and Applications (SpringerBriefs in Earth Sciences)

By Ismail-Zadeh, Alik, Korotkii, Alexander, Tsepelev, Igor

Electromagnetic Seabed Logging: A new tool for geoscientists

By Sainson, Stéphane

Global Dynamics of the Earth: Applications of Viscoelastic Relaxation Theory to Solid-Earth and Planetary Geophysics

By Sabadini, Roberto, Vermeersen, Bert, Cambiotti, Gabriele

Global Changes and Natural Disaster Management: Geo-information Technologies

By Pirasteh, Saied, Li, Jonathan

Extremes in Nature: An Approach Using Copulas: 56 (Water Science and Technology Library, 56)

By Salvadori, Gianfausto, De Michele, Carlo, Kottegoda, Nathabandu T., Rosso, Renzo

Parameter Identification and Inverse Problems in Hydrology, Geology and Ecology: 23 (Water Science and Technology Library, 23)

By Gottlieb, Johannes, Duchateau, Paul

Plio-Quaternary Volcanism in Italy: Petrology, Geochemistry, Geodynamics

By Peccerillo, Angelo

Geodetic Features of the Ocean Surface and their Implications (Reprinted from Marine Geophysical Researches, Vol. 7, Nos. 1/2)

By Seeber, G., Apel, J.R.

Building the Cape Verde Islands (Springer Theses)

By Ramalho, Ricardo A. S.

Superplumes: Beyond Plate Tectonics

By Yuen, David A., Maruyama, Shigenori, Karato, Shun-ichiro, Windley, Brian F.

Land Subsidence Analysis in Urban Areas: The Bangkok Metropolitan Area Case Study (Springer Environmental Science and Engineering)

By Zeitoun, David G., Wakshal, Eliyahu

Hydrogeology of Crystalline Rocks: 34 (Water Science and Technology Library, 34)

By Stober, I., Bucher, Kurt

Statistical Analysis of Natural Disasters and Related Losses (SpringerBriefs in Earth Sciences)

By Pisarenko, V.F., Rodkin, M.V.

The Magnetospheric Cusps: Structure and Dynamics

By Fritz, Theodore A., Fung, Shing F.

Basement Tectonics 12: Central North America and Other Regions: 6 (Proceedings of the International Conferences on Basement Tectonics, 6)

By Hogan, John P., Gilbert, M. Charles

Basement Tectonics 13: Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Confenrence on Basement Tectonics, held in Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S.A., June 1997 ... Conferences on Basement Tectonics, 7)

By Sinha, A. Krishna

Basement Tectonics 10: 4 (Proceedings of the International Conferences on Basement Tectonics, 4)

By Ojakangas, Richard W., Dickas, Albert B., Green, John C.

Equilibrium Between Phases of Matter: Supplemental Text for Materials Science and High-Pressure Geophysics

By Jacobs, M.H.G., Oonk, H.A.J.

Equilibrium Between Phases of Matter: Phenomenology and Thermodynamics

By Oonk, H.A.J., Calvet, M.T.