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Surviving the Century: Facing Climate Chaos and Other Global Challenges

By Girardet, Herbert

1 available

Coastal Environments: Focus on Asian Coastal Regions

By Subramanian, V.

Genetic Engineering, Biofertilisation, Soil Quality and Organic Farming: 4 (Sustainable Agriculture Reviews, 4)

By Lichtfouse, Eric

Historical Variability of Rainfall in the African East Sahel of Sudan: Implications for Development (SpringerBriefs in Earth Sciences)

By Hermance, John F.

Tetsugaku Companion to Japanese Ethics and Technology: 1 (Tetsugaku Companions to Japanese Philosophy, 1)

By LENNERFORS, Thomas Taro, Murata, Kiyoshi

Broad Scale Coastal Simulation: New Techniques to Understand and Manage Shorelines in the Third Millennium: 49 (Advances in Global Change Research, 49)

By Nicholls, Robert J., Dawson, Richard J., Day (née Nicholson-Cole), Sophie A.

Handbook of Climate Change Mitigation (Springer Reference)

By Chen, Wei-Yin, Seiner, John, Suzuki, Toshio, Lackner, Maximilian

Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation

By Leal Filho, Walter

Disaster Risk Reduction and the Global System: Ruminations on a Way Forward (SpringerBriefs in Climate Studies)

By Gordy, Michael

Management of Irrigation and Water Supply Under Climatic Extremes: Empirical Analysis and Policy Lessons from India: 25 (Global Issues in Water Policy, 25)

By Kumar, M. Dinesh, Kabir, Yusuf, Hemani, Rushabh, Bassi, Nitin

The Ecosystem of Kongsfjorden, Svalbard: 2 (Advances in Polar Ecology, 2)

By Hop, Haakon, Wiencke, Christian

KULUNDA: Climate Smart Agriculture: South Siberian Agro-steppe as Pioneering Region for Sustainable Land Use (Innovations in Landscape Research)

By Frühauf, Manfred, Guggenberger, Georg, Meinel, Tobias, Theesfeld, Insa, Lentz, Sebastian

Coral Reefs: An Ecosystem in Transition

By Dubinsky, Zvy, Stambler, Noga

Land Remote Sensing and Global Environmental Change: NASA's Earth Observing System and the Science of ASTER and MODIS: 11 (Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing, 11)

By Ramachandran, Bhaskar, Justice, Christopher O., Abrams, Michael J.

Understanding Radioactive Aerosols and Their Measurement: 19 (Environmental Science and Technology Library, 19)

By Schery, S.D.

Phenology: An Integrative Environmental Science

By Schwartz, Mark D.

Trees in a Changing Environment: Ecophysiology, Adaptation, and Future Survival: 9 (Plant Ecophysiology, 9)

By Tausz, Michael, Grulke, Nancy

Urban Vulnerability and Climate Change in Africa: A Multidisciplinary Approach: 4 (Future City, 4)

By Pauleit, Stephan, Coly, Adrien, Fohlmeister, Sandra, Gasparini, Paolo, Jørgensen, Gertrud, Kabisch, Sigrun, Kombe, Wilbard J., Lindley, Sarah, Simonis, Ingo, Yeshitela, Kumelachew

Isotopes and the Natural Environment (Springer Textbooks in Earth Sciences, Geography and Environment)

By Alexandre, Paul

Technical Challenges of Multipollutant Air Quality Management

By Hidy, George M., Brook, Jeffrey R., Demerjian, Kenneth L., Molina, Luisa T., Pennell, William T., Scheffe, Richard D.

Physiological, Developmental and Behavioral Effects of Marine Pollution

By Weis, Judith S

Past Climate Variability in South America and Surrounding Regions: From the Last Glacial Maximum to the Holocene: 14 (Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research, 14)

By Vimeux, Françoise, Sylvestre, Florence, Khodri, Myriam

Energy and the Environment: 15 (Environmental Science and Technology Library)

By Bejan, Adrian, Vadász, Peter, Kröger, Detlev G.

Regional Assessment of Global Change Impacts: The Project GLOWA-Danube

By Mauser, Wolfram, Prasch, Monika

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) in the Permo-Carboniferous: From Icehouse to Greenhouse (Springer Earth System Sciences)

By Horan, Kate

Migration, Risk Management and Climate Change: Evidence and Policy Responses: 6 (Global Migration Issues, 6)

By Milan, Andrea, Schraven, Benjamin, Warner, Koko, Cascone, Noémi

Disaster Risk Reduction in Indonesia: Progress, Challenges, and Issues

By Djalante, Riyanti, Garschagen, Matthias, Thomalla, Frank, Shaw, Rajib

Innovation in Climate Change Adaptation: 0 (Climate Change Management)

By Leal, Walter

Oceanography Challenges to Future Earth: Human and Natural Impacts on our Seas

By Komatsu, Teruhisa, Ceccaldi, Hubert-Jean, Yoshida, Jiro, Prouzet, Patrick, Hénocque, Yves

The Economic Geology of Iran: Mineral Deposits and Natural Resources (Springer Geology)

By Ghorbani, Mansour