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The British Regulatory State: High Modernism and Hyper-Innovation

By Moran, Michael

The British Regulatory State: High Modernism and Hyper-Innovation

By Moran, Michael

The March of the Women: A Revisionist Analysis of the Campaign for Women's Suffrage, 1866-1914

By Pugh, Martin

Old Age In English History: Past Experiences, Present Issues

By Thane, Pat

Britain in Revolution: 1625-1660

By Austin Woolrych

Hannah More: The First Victorian

By Stott, Anne

Mrs Duberly's War: Journal And Letters From The Crimea, 1854-6

By Kelly, Christine

The Oxford Companion to Family and Local History

By Hey, David

Matthew Arnold : A Critical Portrait: A Critical Portrait

By Collini, Stefan

Lord Chesterfield's Letters (Oxford World's Classics)

By Chesterfield, Lord, Roberts, David

Environment And Empire (Oxford History Of The British Empire Companion) (Oxford History of the British Empire Companion Series)

By Beinart, WILLIAM

The Ends of Life: Roads to Fulfilment in Early Modern England

By Thomas, Keith

Parties and People: England 1914-1951

By McKibbin, Ross

All Souls and the Wider World: Statesmen, Scholars, and Adventurers, c. 1850-1950

By Green, S.J.D., Horden, Peregrine

Visions of Science: Books and readers at the dawn of the Victorian age

By Secord, James A.

My Life with Nye

By Lee, Jennie

Ethel & Ernest

By Briggs, Raymond

Ethel & Ernest: A True Story

By Raymond Briggs, Raymond Briggs

Roanoke: Solving the Riddle of England's Lost Colony

By Miller, Lee

Reform!: The Fight for the 1832 Reform Act

By Pearce, Edward

The Road Not Taken: How Britain Narrowly Missed a Revolution

By Frank McLynn

A Little History of the English Country Church

By Roy Strong

Underdogs: The Unlikely Story of FootballÂ’s First FA Cup Heroes

By Keith Dewhurst

The Rainborowes

By Adrian Tinniswood

First Class: A History of Britain in 36 Postage Stamps

By West, Christopher

Masters of All They Surveyed: Exploration, Geography and a British El Dorado

By Burnett, D. Graham

Science Periodicals in Nineteenth-Century Britai - Constructing Scientific Communities

By Dawson, Gowan, Ligthman, Bernard, Shuttleworth, Sally, Topham, Jonathan

The British Atlantic World, 1500-1800

By Armitage, David, Braddick, Michael

The Great Power Struggle in East Asia, 1944-50: Britain, America and Post-War Rivalry (Global Conflict and Security since 1945)

By Baxter, Christopher

Britain and the Sea: Since 1600

By O'Hara, G.