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Forages: The Science of Grassland Agriculture

By Heath, Maurice E., Barnes, Robert F., Metcalfe, Darrel S.

1 available

Cattle and Buffalo Meat Production in the Tropics (Intermediate tropical agriculture series)

By Hill, D. H.

1 available

Crops of the Drier Regions of the Tropics (Intermediate tropical agriculture series)

By Gibbon, D., Pain, Adam

1 available

Tropical Soils and Fertiliser Use (Intermediate Tropical Agriculture S.)

By Ahn, Peter Martin

1 available

Developing Technology with Farmers: A Trainer's Guide for Participatory Learning

By van Veldhuizen, Laurens, Waters-Bayer, Anne, de Zeeuw, Henk

1 available

Soils, Vegetation, Ecosystems (Conceptual Frameworks in Geography)

By O'Hare, Prof Greg

1 available

Farm Workshop and Maintenance

By Moore

1 available

Animal Breeding (The Tropical Agriculturalist)

By Gerald Wiener

1 available

The Tropical Agriculturalist Dairying

By Matthewman, Richard, Smith, A J

1 available

Sheep (The Tropical Agriculturalist / CTA)

By Ruth M. Gatenby, J.M. Humbert

1 available

Mias;Horticulture Princip & Pract (Macmillan intermediate agriculture series)

By Karikari, S K, Mathew, I P, Onazi, O C

1 available

Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation

By Adams, L.F.

Electronic Principles and Applications (Revision & Self-Assessment Series)

By Pratley BA MEd CEng MIEE, John

Carpentry and Joinery: Work Activities

By Porter LCG; FIOC; Cert Ed, Brian, Rose, Reg

Vehicle and Engine Technology

By Heisler MSc BSc FIMI MIRTE MCIT, Heinz

Environment & Society: Perspectives U206 Bk 1 2nd edn (Open University U206)

By Reddish, Alan, Sarre, Philip

Applied Electronics

By Morris, John

Probability - Modular Mathematics Series

By McColl, John

Groups - Modular Mathematics Series

By Jordan, David

Linear Algebra (Modular Mathematics Series)

By Allenby, Reg

Numbers, Sequences and Series (Modular Mathematics Series)

By Hirst, Keith

Multilevel Statistical Models Edition Two ( 2 ) EA (Kendall's Library of Statistics)

By Goldstein, Harvey

Advanced Electrical Installation Work

By Linsley, Trevor

Rings, Fields and Groups: Introduction to Abstract Algebra (Modular Mathematics Series)

By Allenby, Reg

Essential Mathematics for Technicians (MOTIVATE (Macmillan texts for industrial vocational & technical education))

By Solomon, Robert C

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Technology (Motivate)

By Cook, Norman

Introductory Radio and Television Electronics (MOTIVATE (Macmillan texts for industrial vocational & technical education))

By Fletcher, Pamela, John Johnson, James

Practical Plumbing

By Smith, Christopher, Curry, Brian

Urban Land Economics and Public Policy (Building and Surveying Series)

By Balchin, Paul N., Bull, Gregory H., Kieve, Jeffrey L.

Mastering Mathematics: 25 (Palgrave Master Series)

By Buckwell, Geoff