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Historic Origins of World War II

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Dunkirk: The History Behind the Major Motion Picture

By Joshua Levine

1 available

Ten Fighter Boys

By Wing Commander Athol Forbes D.F.C., Squadron-Leader Hubert Allen D.F.C., Jimmy Corbin

1 available

By Order of the President: FDR and the Internment of Japanese Americans

By Robinson, Greg

1 available

Children Of The Blitz: Memories Of Wartime Childhood

By Westall, Robert

1 available

Aviation Archaeology in Britain (Shire Archaeology): 80

By Bédoyère, Guy de la

1 available

Art, Culture, and Media Under the Third Reich

By Etlin, Richard A.

1 available

The British Army 1939-45 (1): North-West Europe: Pt.1 (Men-at-Arms)

By Brayley, Martin, Chappell, Mike

1 available

MI9: Escape and Evasion 1939-1945

By Foot, M. R. D., Langley, James Maydon

1 available

Flying Bombs Over England

By Bates, H. E., Ogley, Bob

1 available

Edexcel GCE History: Stalin's Russia 1924-1953

By Robin Bunce, Laura Williams

1 available

Berlin: The Downfall, 1945

By Beevor, Antony

1 available

The Third Reich

By Burleigh, Michael

1 available

Heroes of Fighter Command: kent (Aviation History)

By Rupert Matthewes

1 available

Auschwitz: A History

By Steinbacher, Sybille, Whiteside, Shaun

1 available

Mussolini: The Secrets of His Death

By Garibaldi, Luciano

1 available

RAF Fighter Squadrons in the Battle of Britain

By Robinson, Anthony

1 available

The Pacific Campaign: The Second World War at Sea

By Van der Vat, Dan

1 available

The Siege of Malta

By Williamson, David G.

Church of England and the Holocaust: Christianity, Memory and Nazism (Studies in Modern British Religious History)

By Lawson, Tom

Freedom in the Air: A Czech Flyer and His Aircrew Dog

By Ross, Hamish

Breaking the Dams: The Story of Dambuster David Maltby and His Crew

By Charles Foster

Imperial War Museum: The D-Day Experience from the Invasion to the Liberation of Paris: From Operation Overlord to the Liberation of Paris

By Holmes, Richard

A Seaman's Pocketbook

By Brian Lavery

Submarine : An Anthology of Firsthand Accounts of the War Under the Sea, 1939-45

By Jean Hood

The Greatest Battle: The Battle for Moscow, 1941-2

By Nagorski, Andrew

Stalingrad 1942 (Campaign)

By Antill, Peter, Dennis, MR Peter

The Big Bands Go To War

By Chris Way, Robert Farnon

Instructions for British Servicemen in France, 1944 (Instructions for Servicemen)

By Bodleian Lib, .

Instructions for British Servicemen in Germany, 1944 (Facsimile edtn)

By Foreign Office

German Invasion Plans for the British Isles, 1940

By Bodleian Lib, .