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The Toymakers: Dark, enchanting and utterly gripping'

By Dinsdale, Robert

The Legend of Sigurd and GudrĂșn

By J R R Tolkien

The Wolf and the Woodsman: The Sunday Times Bestseller

By Reid, Ava


By Cornwell, Bernard

Doomsday Book

By Willis, Connie

King's Dragon (Crown of Stars, Book 1)

By Elliott, Kate

Son of the Night (Banners of Blood)

By Alder, Mark

The Lily and the Lion: Book 6 (The Accursed Kings)

By Druon, Maurice

A Thousand Ships: Natalie Haynes

By Haynes, Natalie

Darien: Empire of Salt Book I

By Iggulden, C. F.

The Rules of Magic (Volume 2): Practical Magic series Book 2 (The Practical Magic Series)

By Hoffman, Alice

The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones

By Martin, George R.R., Garcia Jr., Elio M., Antonsson, Linda

The Death of Kings: Book 2 (Emperor Series)

By Iggulden, Conn

The Historian

By Kostova Elizabeth, Elizabeth Kostova

Conqueror: Book 5

By Iggulden, Conn

Last Argument Of Kings: Book Three (The First Law)

By Abercrombie, Joe

White Wolf: An epic, all-action tale of love, betrayal and treachery from the master of heroic fantasy (Drenai Novels, 10)

By Gemmell, David


By Helen Hollick

The Swords Of Night And Day: An awesome tale of swords and sorcery, heroes and villains from the master of heroic fantasy

By David Gemmell, Gemmell, David

Hero in the Shadows (Waylander)

By Gemmell, David

The Last Guardian (The Sipstrassi Tales)

By Gemmell, David

Troy: Fall Of Kings (Trojan War Trilogy 3)

By Gemmell, David, Stella

Raven: Blood Eye: (Raven: Book 1): A gripping, bloody and unputdownable Viking adventure from bestselling author Giles Kristian (Raven, 1)

By Kristian, Giles

Raven 3: Odin's Wolves: (Raven: 3): A thrilling, blood-stirring and blood-soaked Viking adventure from bestselling author Giles Kristian

By Kristian, Giles

Raven 2: Sons of Thunder: (Raven: Book 2): A riveting, rip-roaring Viking saga from bestselling author Giles Kristian

By Kristian, Giles

The Secret Agent (RED) (Penguin Classics)

By Conrad, Joseph

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Novelisation

By Anderson, Kevin J.

Circe: The No. 1 Bestseller from the author of The Song of Achilles

By Miller, Madeline

Spellbreaker: 1

By Holmberg, Charlie N.

The Last Druid: Book Four of the Fall of Shannara

By Brooks, Terry