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Historical Fiction for Children

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Henry VIII's Wives (My Royal Story)

By Prince, Alison

1 available

Anyone But Ivy Pocket (Ivy Pocket 1)

By Krisp, Caleb, Kelly, John

2 available

Greyhound of a Girl

By Doyle, Roddy

1 available

Devil And His Boy

By Horowitz Anthony

1 available

Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend

By Harrison, Cora

1 available

The Carmody Casebooks (The Casebooks of Captain Holloway)

By Beck, Ian

1 available

Beware, Princess Elizabeth

By Meyer, Carolyn

1 available

Blitz (Shades)

By Orme, David

1 available

The Diamond of Drury Lane: 1 (Cat Royal)

By Golding, Julia

1 available

Clottus and the Ghostly Gladiator (Romans)

By Jungman, Ann, Philips, Mike

A Candle in the Dark (Flashbacks)

By Geras, Adele

Egyptian Tales: The Phantom of the Nile

By Terry Deary

The Magic and the Mummy (Egyptian Tales)

By Deary, Terry, Flook, Helen

Egyptian Tales: The Plot on the Pyramid

By Terry Deary

The Gold in the Grave (Egyptian Tales)

By Deary, Terry, Flook, Helen

Boy King (Tudor Flashbacks)

By David Belbin

The Eyes of Doctor Dee (Tudor Flashbacks)

By Pearson, Maggie

Gunner's Boy (Tudor Flashbacks)

By Turnbull, Ann

Robbers on the Road (Tudor Flashbacks)

By Burgess, Melvin

Out of the Shadow (Victorian Flashbacks)

By Nash, Margaret

Soldier's Son (Victorian Flashbacks)

By Kilworth, Garry

Twitta and the Ferocious Fever (Romans)

By Jungman, Ann, Philips, Mike

Ironstone Valley (Flashbacks)

By Tomlinson, Theresa, Matysiak, Janek

Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail (Anholt's Artists)

By Anholt, Laurence, Anholt, Laurence

Edison's Fantastic Phonograph

By Kimpton, Diana, Robertson, M. P.

Degas and the Little Dancer (Anholt's Artists)

By Anholt, Laurence, Anholt, Laurence

Ghost-light in the Attic (Flashbacks)

By Thomson, Pat, Large, Annabel

All the Gold in the World

By Leeson, Robert, Leplar, Anna C.

Julie and the Queen of Tonga (Flashbacks)

By Anderson, Rachel

Doctor's Daughter (Flashbacks)

By Clarke, Norma