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The Complete Poems of John Keats (Wordsworth Poetry Library)

By Keats, John, Wright, Paul

1 available

Who Put the Beef in Wellington?: 50 Culinary Classics, Who Invented Them, When and Why. Foreword by James Martin

By James Winter

1 available

Flags of the World

By Goldsack, Gaby ( Compiler )

1 available

Robert Hutchinson House Of Treason - The Rise and Fall of A Tudor Dynasty

By Hutchinson, Robert

1 available

The Little Book of Cornwall

By E.C. Mansfield, David Meneer

1 available

Bryant's Map of Norfolk in 1826

By Barringer, J.C., Barringer, J.C.

1 available

A History of Reading

By Manguel, Alberto

1 available

The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer

By Chaucer, Geoffrey, Robinson, F.N., Edited with Notes and Glossary by F. N. Robinson

1 available

An Introduction to the Humanities: For Use with Block 6 Bk. 4: Resource Book (A103 An introduction to the humanities)

By OU Course Team

1 available

An Introduction to the Humanities: Block 5: Myths and Conventions (Course A103)

By Havely, Cicely Palser, Hardwick, Lorna

1 available

An Introduction to the Humanities: Bk. 2: Resource Book (Course A103)

By Open University Course Team

1 available

An Introduction to the Humanities: Bk.3: Resource Book (Course A103)

By Unknown

1 available

Great Football Moments of the Century

By Macwilliam, Rab

1 available

Postwar America, 1945-71

By Zinn, Howard

1 available

Joan Crawford

By Thomas, Bob

1 available


1 available

The Poetical Works (Wordsworth Poetry Library)

By Swinburne, Algernon Charles, Binyon, Laurence

1 available

Britain's Best Buildings

By Cruickshank, Dan

1 available

Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century

By Marcus, Greil

1 available

The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language

By Palgrave, Francis Turner

On the Improvement of the Understanding - The Ethics - Correspondence: v. 2

By Benedict de Spinoza


By Brendan O'Leary, John McGarry

The Devil's Doctor: Felix Kersten and the Secret Plot to Turn Himmler Against Hitler

By John H. Waller

Wheels of Fortune: The History of Speculation from Scandal to Respectability

By Geisst, Charles R.

Organic Syntheses, Collective Volume 2: Vol 10-19 in 1v (Organic Syntheses Collective Volumes)

A Long Way Home - the Life and Adventures of the Convict Mary Bryant

By Mike Walker

Let's Face it: 90 Years of Living, Loving, and Learning

By Kirk Douglas

Just and Unjust Wars: A Moral Argument with Historical Illustrations (Basic Books Classics)

By Michael Walzer

Berlin at War

By Roger Moorhouse

The World As Will And Idea (Everyman Paperback Classics)

By Schopenhauer, Arthur