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History of Africa

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Africa: Endurance and Change South of the Sahara

By Coquery–vidra

Exterminate All the Brutes

By Lindqvist, Sven

Congo-Paris: Transnational Traders on the Margins of the Law (African Issues)

By Macgaffey, Professor Janet, Bazenguissa-Ganga, Remy

International Directory of African Studies Research: Repertoire International des Etudes Africaines

By International African Institute, Baker, Philip

Historical Problems of Imperial Africa (v. 2) (Problems in African history)

By Collins, Robert O.

The Soccer War (Vintage International)

By Kapuscinski, Ryszard

Wingate and the Chindits: Redressing the Balance

By Rooney, David

The Atlas of African Affairs

By Griffiths, Ieuan L.L.

The Africans: A Triple Heritage

By Mazrui, Ali A.

The Scramble for Africa: 3 (Documents and Debates)

By Brooke-Smith, Robin

A Short History of Africa

By Fage, J., Oliver, Roland

Empires of the Sea: The Final Battle for the Mediterranean, 1521-1580

By Crowley, Roger

Introduction to African Religion

By Mbiti, John S.

Adjustment in Africa: Reforms, Results, and the Road Ahead (World Bank policy research reports)

By World Bank


By Richard Dowden

The Slave Trade (Sutton Pocket Histories)

By Walvin, James

The African State in a Changing Global Context: Breakdowns and Transformations: 42 (Afrikanische Studien/African Studies)

By Tarrosy, Istvan, Szabó, Lorand, Hyden, Goran

Who Killed Hammarskjold?: The UN, the Cold War and White Supremacy in Africa

By Williams, Susan

Understanding the Contemporary Middle East (Understanding: Introductions to the States & Regions of the Contemporary World)

By Gerner, Deborah J.

Twentieth Century (v. 2) (Growth of African Civilization S.)

By Omer-Cooper, J.D., etc., Afigbo, A.E.

African Art: Close-Up

By Spring, Chris

Namibia's Liberation Struggle: The Two-Edged Sword (Eastern African Studies)

By Leys, Colin, Saul, John S

Imperialism and Orientalism: The Primary Sources

By Harlow, Barbara, Carter, Mia

A History of West Africa, 1000-1800 (The growth of African civilization)

By Davidson, Basil, Bauh, F.K.

The African Origins Of Modern Judaism: From Hebrews to Jews

By Malcioln, Jose V

In My Father's House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture

By Appiah, Kwame Anthony

The Epic of Askia Mohammed (African Epic)

By Thomas A. Hale

World Of Rome (History of Civilization)

By Grant, Michael

The Shadow of the Sun: My African Life

By Kapuscinski, Ryszard, Glowczewska, Klara, Ryszard Kapuscinski

African Material Culture (African Systems of Thought)